3 Tips for Designing a Sociable Kitchen Space on a Budget


The kitchen is the heart of every home. No longer hidden away and utilised solely for cooking, the kitchen has now become a social hub for families to spend time in and share those precious family moments – morning, noon and night. So today, the financial experts at Jolly Good Loans are offering up 3 tips for designing that desired sociable kitchen space, without having to break the bank.



  1. Keep it homely


A warm and welcoming kitchen will ensure the kitchen is the heart of your home, in turn creating a relaxed and cosy atmosphere that your family will naturally be drawn to.


A great way to achieve this is through the addition of vintage, rustic and charming features. Consider comfy cushions, retro cookware and wooden furniture to give the room that authentic lived-in feel, easily sourced from antique shops, charity shops and even eBay.


Complementing these features with a classic wooden or tiled floor will further that feeling of home, however these options can often be excessively expensive. Instead, achieve the same look for a fraction of the price with laminate flooring that convincingly mimics these luxury flooring options.


  1. Keep it personal


Another great way to naturally draw your family to the kitchen is through those small but significant personalised touches.


The addition of a family message board is a great way to turn the kitchen into a social hub. Let your little Picasso pin up their latest masterpiece or your little Einstein show off their best test scores to get the kids excited about being in the kitchen.


For teens and adults, try using sticky notes as a form of communication, posting reminders and general messages to create a utilised social space that encourages authentic family engagement away from the smartphone. And the best part? All you require is a drawing board and some pins, meaning this is an easily affordable option that absolutely anyone can add to their kitchen set-up!


  1. Keep it open

Following our previous two tips will ensure you achieve a homely, welcoming kitchen that allows you to utilise a more open kitchen space without losing the feeling of cosiness and warmth. This kind of kitchen design will make the room feel like the centre point of the home, enabling enough space for the mad morning rush or to accommodate your guests when entertaining.

The best way to achieve this impression of space is through the utilisation of windows and doors. Have your kitchen windows show off the view of your garden, terrace or balcony to create a welcoming view your family will want to make the most of as this will help to really open up the room.

Whilst the installation of larger windows or glass sliding doors may be an expensive prospect, you can also make the most of windows and doors to allow more natural light in. This will add to the welcoming appeal of your kitchen while also saving you money on both lighting and heating bills.


Following these design tips will make a huge difference to your kitchen, without making a huge difference to your bank balance, helping you create a social hub to be enjoyed by both family and friends alike.


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Keith Harrison is a content creator and writer for Jolly Good Loans – your online personal loans encyclopedia.

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