3 Ways to Streamline Your Kitchen Space Ahead of the Festive Season


Amongst all the madness of the Christmas season, the kitchen becomes the epicentre of family festivities small and large. From creating space to accommodate relatives of all ages to making sure you have the functionality to assist with the Christmas dinner, it’s important your kitchen is party-prepped for the season ahead.

So, today, the furniture specialists over at Ponsford will show you 3 ways you can streamline your kitchen space ahead of the festive season, ensuring you’re ready to accommodate every guest – from Uncle Keith to Santa Claus.

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Maximise your storage options

Utilising vertical space through the addition of wall-mounted or tall, standalone storage units is a great way to free up floor space and help to declutter a kitchen area. From corner cabinets to shelving, finding a storage solution that suits your kitchen can significantly boost both the functionality and aesthetic of the space.

Come Halloween, this will help you avoid any spooky slip ups when those little trick or treaters come knocking. Extra storage space means more room to stock up on tasty sweets, ensuring you won’t run out of treats to keep the little ghosts and ghouls happy!

When the time arrives for the dreaded Christmas supermarket shop, a kitchen with streamlined storage is better equipped to accommodate all those nibbles and treats that help you to become the best host you can be. This means you’re always prepared for family and friends dropping by, so you don’t have to worry about driving back and forth between the shop – instead, sit back and relax with that glass of mulled wine!

Better yet, by increasing the storage capabilities of your kitchen, you’ll free up surface space and subsequently declutter the area. This will help to create a more stress-free environment, as well as creating some prep space for the big Christmas dinner, ensuring everything can go smoothly on the big day.


Install a kitchen island

For those of you tasked with hosting all the extended family and the dog, consider installing a kitchen island. This will provide you with some much-needed additional prep space, while adding an extra layer of style to your kitchen area. Paint it an accent colour that contrasts with your storage units to create a functional centrepiece that will impress all of your guests.

Add some barstools to make the kitchen island multifunctional, serving as both a prep area and social space, for everything from morning brews to evening drinks.


Knock it through


If you’re feeling ambitious, consider knocking your kitchen through and creating a large combined kitchen and dining area. This new, open space will give you more flexibility when it comes to the number of guests you can accommodate, and is the perfect way to ensure you’re still involved with all the Christmas Day festivities – as opposed to being locked away in the kitchen.

Pick out a large dining table that can easily host all of your guests, placing it away from the central source of natural light if possible. This will allow the area to remain uncluttered, utilising natural light to give an impression of space.

Further still, a larger open area makes an ideal hosting area for parties. Whether you’re throwing a spooky soiree for Halloween or a fiery function for Bonfire Night, a knocked-through kitchen and dining room combination is a convenient and functional space for adult gatherings of all sizes.

It’s easy for the festive season to become a really stressful time, but, by following these three tips, you can streamline your way to a kitchen that’s locked and loaded for the season ahead.


Author bio:

Angus Ponsford is the Director of Ponsford Ltd, an independent, family-run furniture retailer that boasts a huge selection to suit every style and budget.

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