4 fun and fabulous colour makeovers for your kitchen floor


A kitchen is not only the heart of the home, it’s a big capital investment. No wonder that most of us are drawn to timeless neutral colour schemes that are ‘safe’ in the sense of giving us the best return on the investment.

Having said that, unless you accentuate your plain room scheme with some colour, it can all get a little too boring. Of course, there’s no shortage of interior design advice out there to help you inject some colour into your kitchen. But on the floor?

We’ve got some great ideas on how to bring some zest and excitement to your kitchen design by decorating from the ground up. A colour makeover for your kitchen floor can be whatever you want it to be: fast and free, cheap and cheerful, creative and quirky, subtly elegant or properly professional. Take a look at these 4 fabulous suggestions and fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

paint the floorboards
Source: The Chromologist

Paint the floorboards

Whether you live in a period building or a modern home, chances are that if you take a look under your current kitchen flooring surface, you’ll find wooden floorboards. Assuming these are in good structural condition (they can be restored or replaced, of course), you can sand and paint them any colour you want.

Painting floorboards is an incredibly versatile option, and an affordable one too. Choose from one plain overall colour treatment, painting stripes or chevrons, borders or even mosaic tile effects. Go for a bold colour for immediate impact. You can also use paint effects to trick the eye. For instance, visually enlarge your floor space simply by painting the skirting board in the same colour.

As a high traffic area, your painted kitchen floor may not stay pristine in the long term but then the well loved, weathered look may add to the overall charm of your home, particularly if it is a period property. For added protection, you can add a tough top lacquer coat to the floor, and recoat it every few years.

throw on some rugs
Source: The Chronicles of Home

Throw on some rugs

Enlivening your kitchen colour scheme can be as easy as putting a pretty rug or two on the floor. Of course, there’s no need to go overboard and invest in expensive oriental carpets – after all, accidents and spills are bound to occur and might spoil the rug.

Instead, go for a cheap and cheerful option that’s easy to replace – perhaps using colourful, recycled cotton rag rugs that don’t cost a lot, or budget friendly, hardwearing kitchen rugs and mats that are practical and easy to clean, made from sisal or polypropylene? If only a real rug will do, opt for a mid-priced cotton kelim in a bold tribal design or a traditional vintage rug where the odd stain won’t show.

Having a rug on the kitchen floor may take a bit of getting used to (don’t forget the non-slip underlay!) but you’ll be surprised how quickly you will grow to love the softness and warmth underfoot!

fresh and modern vinyl flooring
Source: Harvey Maria

Fresh and modern vinyl flooring

If your current kitchen floor looks drab and dated, why not give it a makeover using vinyl? LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is the fastest growing type of flooring in the world and a very long way from the cheap and nasty vinyl sheet flooring of old.

LVT is made from environmentally friendly products and meets all building standards. In terms of everyday use, it’s a doddle to clean, requiring nothing more than a damp mop now and again.

The best bit is that LVT comes in a vast selection of styles and sizes and colours at a price that’s eminently affordable, given the alternatives. Slip, stain and scratch resistant, as well as water proof, it’s the perfect surface for a kitchen that gets a lot of heavy household use. In fact, this material ranks among the most durable flooring materials, able to handle intense traffic without damage.

colour with ceramic tiles
Source: Country Living

Colour with ceramic tiles

With kitchen tiles, you have a choice: you can play it safe with natural colours – and they can look stunning – or you can take a chance and inject some pizzazz to make a real design statement on the floor. Why not choose a plain jewel colour to bring your kitchen floor alive? Or choose from an array of intricate patterns such as Moroccan inspired decorative flooring or earthy, geometric designs. Or go for a plain tile with a bold, ornate border? There’s a wide choice and it’s all yours.

Ceramic tiles are perhaps a more subtle way to add impact to your neutral kitchen scheme than, say, a brightly coloured splashback. However, in terms of flexibility, there’s a huge selection of shapes, colours and sizes available and the opportunity to design your own patterns, should you fancy the creative challenge.

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