6 tips for an ergonomic kitchen


1. Plan full extensions in base cabinets

Full extension drawer in Preparation Zone

Retrieving objects from a shelf in the base cabinet is a difficult task for all kitchen users. Low bending is often required, the overview of items is poor and you often have to remove part of the cabinet contents to get to items that you want at the back.

Full extensions such as Tandembox, however, offer an excellent view of the entire cabinet contents as well as optimal access. No more going down on your knees or uncomfortable bending.

2. Everything in sight with full extensions instead of single extensions

Full extension cutlery drawer

Full extension cutlery drawer

Full extensions are much better than single extensions for a better overview and direct access. This is also documented by Age Explorer tests carried out by Blum.

3. Use Space Corner as a corner solution

Space corner drawer

Tests with the Age Explorer have confirmed that it is difficult for people with movement limitations to get kitchen utensils out of a corner carousel. Kneeling and straightening out the arm to reach an item way in the back takes a lot of effort, not to mention the lack of organisation.

That’s why Blum recommends Space Corner as a corner solution. Bending is not required, objects are well-organised and easy to remove.

4. Easy opening thanks to the electrical opening support system

When you have decreasing muscle strength, opening heavy pull-outs is hard work. An electrical opening support system such as Servo-Drive makes opening simple and easy.

Because Servo-Drive can be opened with the hand as well as the knee or foot, drawers can be opened without effort or bending.

5. More head clearance in the wall cabinet area

AVENTOS HF for bi-fold lift systems

Aventos lift systems: easy to open, with a variable stop as well as silent and effortless closing

Because of a limited field of vision, as is simulated by the Age Explorer, doors sticking out into the room can quickly become a hazard.

Lift systems such as Aventos offer several advantages here:

  • The lift system is easy to open
  • It swings upward out of the way
  • It remains in any desired position as soon as you let go
  • And it is just as easy to re-close

6. Inner dividing systems provide organisation

Pull-out drawers in cleaning zone

Organise all your cleaning items

Tests with the Age Explorer have confirmed: Taking items from a drawer with no inner dividing system is difficult.

Items organised in the Orag-Line inner dividing system are easier to remove thanks to the round containers. Everything is well organised and easy to find.

In addition, the containers can be removed individually and are dishwasher-proof.

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