7 Cool Kitchen Accessories You Simply Must Have In Your Contemporary Kitchen


Contemporary kitchens need contemporary accessories. If you have just spent a fortune upgrading your kitchen to the slickest kitchen in town, nothing but the coolest and the best accessories will do. We are super excited to showcase these little beauties. They are the must-haves of the cool contemporary kitchen world. Drum roll please ladies and gentleman. Prepare to be wooed. Here are 7 of our favourite must-haves for all of those newly-installed, glorious contemporary kitchens.

1. Alessi Forma Stainless Steel Cheese Grater
Alessi forma stainless steel cheese grater
Surprised that something as simple as a cheese grater has made it to the top of the list? This awesome Alessi cheese grater deserves its place as a must-have for the contemporary kitchen. Designed by the Pritzer prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid, this cool, pebble-shaped grater fits ergonomically into the hand and sits on your kitchen countertop on an elegant curvy stand. This is a design statement that can even make it to the dining table. As the name suitably suggests – Forma – means shape in Italian. It’s a feast for the eyes.

2. Bugatti Uma Weighing Scales and Timer
Bugatti uma weighing scales timer
Hold on to your hats bakers. Bring some contemporary Italian style into your kitchen with this awesome set of weighing scales, which also function as a timer. Available in a range of bold colours, as well as white or black, all with a chrome base, the Bugatti electronic kitchen scale looks the part in any contemporary kitchen space. These beautifully aesthetic and precise scales weigh grams and kilos, as well as lbs and ozs. And you can save time weighing multiple ingredients with the handy resetting system. It’s a dream piece of kitchen kit for any baking enthusiast.

3. Tom Dixon Stone Spice Grinder
Tom dixon stone spice grinder
Oh yes! This gorgeous kitchen tool is quite simply mesmerising to look at. The Tom Dixon Spice Grinder consists of solid marble bowl and is paired perfectly with a fabulous brass clad iron ball. It’s a big nod to simple artistic beauty. We never knew spice grinding could be so utterly chic! Pair it with the Tom Dixon Stone Pestle and Mortar for hours of beautiful smashing, pummelling and grinding of herbs and spices.

4. Bugatti Touch Sense Vera Kettle
Bugatti touch sense vera kettle
Bugatti sneaks in again with this fabulous kettle. This futuristic-looking, angled, sleek kettle looks perfectly at home in any contemporary kitchen. The Bugatti Touch Sense Vera Kettle not only looks the part, it has a sophisticated water temperature regulation system, a clock integrated into the handle, and a timer so you have water ready boiled for the morning rush. Sleek and loaded with practical functionality, what is there not to love! Choose from stainless steel or a range of vibrant colours.

5. Fornasetti Occhi Tray
Fornasetti Occhi Tray
If you can sneak one piece of Fornasetti into your contemporary kitchen, then do. The Fornasetti Occhi Tray depicts the eyes of opera singer Lina Cavalieri (Fornasetti’s favourite muse). This whimsical tray will bring distinctive style to your kitchen. Beautifully crafted in wood and printed, lacquered and painted by hand, this is a stunning example of Fornasetti’s iconic style. If you are looking for an unconventional addition to your run-of-the-mill kitchen items, check out the Fornasetti website for more exuberant furnishings and accessories.

6. Arne Jacobsen Tea Pot
Arne Jacobsen Tea Pot
Singing (not literally) contemporary form, this modern stainless steel teapot is minimalist and timeless, with a nod to classic in design. The Arne Jacobsen Tea Pot is understated, functional and perfect for any streamlined contemporary kitchen space. It’s the kind of teapot that becomes a family favourite. There’s not a more stylish way to start the day than with a cup of tea from an Arne Jacobsen tea pot. The Arne Jacobsen Coffee Pot is equally modern and cutting edge if tea isn’t your thing.

7. David Linley Crescent Fruit Bowl
David Linley Crescent Fruit Bowl
A home accessory of real beauty, the David Linley 30th Anniversary fruit bowl is a classic and elegantly carved piece of American walnut, with a hand-turned sycamore base. A classic, Regency-inspired fruit platter with a sweeping curve to give the whole piece a contemporary twist, the David Linley Crescent Fruit Bowl looks imposing on any contemporary kitchen table.

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