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No longer are the times where you have to slave away in the kitchen. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore and the kitchen doesn’t have to be a place that you dread. The kitchen has finally evolved into a fun place not only used to make meals but also dine, entertain and socialise with friends and family. Here are some of the ways you can transform your kitchen into a space that fulfils all your needs and more.

One simple idea is to light up your kitchen space with task lighting that provides improved illumination of your worktop area; making it easier to complete everyday tasks such as preparing food for meals. No longer do you have to strain your eyes trying to measure ingredients accurately, squint to read recipe books or have to hear the dreaded ‘you missed a spot’ after cleaning.

Alternatively you can adjust your lighting to match your mood. Use LED flexible lighting strips over or under your cabinets to create a dramatic and stunning effect. Opt for an RGB option if you’re looking for something to create a real talking point. The large range of colours means you won’t ever get bored with the look of your kitchen when you can simply change the colour of your lighting. It also creates the ultimate WOW factor when entertaining family and friends.

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But why just fill your kitchen with light when you can fill it with sound as well. Don’t bother with a radio or speaker system that’s only going to take up your valuable worktop space. Free up space with ‘SensioSound.’ Not only does this provide the task lighting you need but it also has built-in wireless speakers that allow you to play music from your smartphone or tablet. Dance away to your hearts content whether it be cooking your dinner or hosting a party, we’re sure you’ll never want to leave your kitchen again.

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