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I just spent a fun and productive morning with Natalie, Vicky and Peter from State Line Kitchens in Westcliffe On Sea.

During our conversation, it became clear that State Line really listen to what their customer wants. They realise that every person who walks through their door is unique and will have many different requirements and priorities when planning their kitchen or bedroom.

State Line have a fully working kitchen which they use daily, not just for appliance demonstrations (Rob loves his soup and makes a mean cookie so I am told…)

So after a chat and a cup of coffee we get to work propping a display with their new Orgaline. Using items from the working kitchen it takes no time at all before we have a living display, everything in its place.

What becomes evident is that the display looks like a real kitchen, not just a display. Why? because as many of us will agree, we have a real mixture of plates (all sizes, different patterns) mugs, utensils and cutlery. Some handed down with its own history and in my case a mixture of crockery because at least once a week somebody smashes something!

Natalie and Vicky propping the display

Natalie and Vicky propping the display

The display is not perfect, brand new, white and shiny, its real life, its all shapes and sizes, it has had a life, it has history, just like we do. It looks great and it tells a story.

Natalie props display

All shapes and sizes


The Orgaline inner-dividing system

We need to consider this story as we plan a kitchen, what do you want to store. We are all different and our storage requirements will differ, but how much better if its organised, a place for everything, to hand when you need it and easy to find.

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