Are you sitting comfortably???


On the journey down to Grand Designs I set myself a task…

…to find, in my opinion, a “Grand Design”.

The definition of Grand gives itself to something magnificent and impressive, shouldn’t be too hard I expect and off I am in search. I take photos and by the end of the day I realise I seem to have a theme, totally unintentional, but it is what has caught my eye.

So are you sitting comfortably…

GD chair number oneGD chair number twoGD chair number threeGD chair number fourGD chair number fiveGD chair number sixGD chair number sevenGD chair number eightGD chair number nineGD chair number ten

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About Andrea Hillier

Andrea Hillier
Andrea is part of Blum's successful Retail Services Division, a very keen cook & an expert in showroom design

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