Blum takes on 65 new apprentices


Sixty-five new apprentices began vocational training programmes with Blum last week, in what’s seen as a key aspect of the Austrian furniture fittings manufacturer’s forward strategy.

Blum takes on 65 new apprentices

The apprentices, made up of 58 men and seven women, will each individually train in one of seven trades – such as electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering and toolmaking – at one of Blum’s production sites in Hoechst, Fussach and Dornbirn. Before beginning their programmes, the trainees took part in a three-day ‘breaking the ice’ workshop to help them get to know each other and start to work as a team.

With state-of-the-art workshops, sophisticated machinery and more than 40 instructors, Blum believes having its own vocational training programme provides the best possible conditions for the training of skilled workers, which in turn ensures the company’s success for years to come.

This latest intake brings the total number of trainees serving an apprenticeship at Blum and its US subsidiary Blum USA up to 257.

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