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Hugh Jeffries visited us at our stand at Grand Designs back in April 2010.

He had seen the Aventos Servodrive previously and had come to the stand in the hope it was now available.

Hugh had undergone a total refurbishment of his apartment and the kitchen was the last room to be transformed. Using the Dynamic Space planning information on the Blum website and with the assistance of our Technical manager working with his architect and joiners, he designed his perfect kitchen.

Hugh's kitchen

Hugh’s finished kitchen.
(Image taken from the July Issue of the Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine – Photography by David Still)

Apart from looking fantastic, the kitchen functions perfectly. Hugh has considered his workflow, the space available and has perfect motion with Servodrive throughout.

You can see Hugh’s kitchen and apartment in all it’s glory in the July issue of the Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine. Here is the full article for download Bridging the gap – KBB Magazine July (pdf 896KB)

Thanks to Hugh and the team at KBB for letting us post the article!

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