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Let’s face it, when a kitchen buyer starts looking the first thing in their minds is what will their new kitchen look like.

So the doors and drawer fronts are the primary visual impact point in kitchen choice and selection.

A well manufactured kitchen will allow it to keep “fresh” in the eye of the beholder for many years and this is because good fittings specification ensure that hinges don’t sag and can be adjusted for perfect alignment

When Blum introduced their now famous ‘clip’ hinge in the mid eighties it was something of a revolution but, wow, was it welcomed by manufacturers and fitters!

A way to ship doors separately from the carcase and then attach them on site, without tools and with perfect alignment. Blum continued to pioneer tool-free fixing and mounting of hinge plates and bosses as well as connecting arms so that they actually became a selling tool to consumers who were amazed and delighted.

Blum Cliptop Blumotion Hinge

Now the kitchen owner has the ultimate luxury of controlled soft close for their cabinet doors with the unique and award winning Blum CLIP top Blumotion concealed hinge in a full range of opening angles and configurations. Early attempts at providing soft close for doors were rather crude “shock absorber” systems attached to the cabinet side interior or drilled into the carcase edge.

The world beating engineers and technicians at Blum have been able to micro-engineer a soft close mechanism that is actually contained within the hinge boss and controls the closing of any size and door weight. (For very small and light doors the mechanism can be manually de-activated with a simple switch on the side of the hinge so the level of soft close resistance can be controlled.)

If you thought that doors were just good to look at think again – they’re now a highly functional and pleasurable part of your kitchen with fittings that carry a lifetime guarantee from Blum.

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