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No longer are we confined to restrictions by lines, angles and boxy shapes in the kitchen. With advances in materials and tools we have the freedom to be more expressive, more bold and create individual concepts. Many want their home’s design to be an extension of their personality so experimenting with different shapes and breaking away from conventions can really help achieve this and ultimately create more individual designs.

The increase in curved designs has undoubtedly been assisted through the increased use in materials such as Corian® and less reliance on stone based materials. Using such materials gives a greater flexibility as far as design’s concerned and has truly opened up the imaginations of many designers allowing them to create innovative and contemporary designs that change the way we use our kitchens.

There are many ways of adding curves to your kitchen. Curved Corian worktops, like this one from Shepherd’s of Cheshire, not only look great but are also highly functional at utilising the space available.

Shepherds of Cheshire Curved Kitchen Worktop

The sleekness of the design is modern and creates a flow that is harder to create with the more conventional straight worktops. The example below is also finished off with a shark nose profile, adding to the contemporary feel.

Curves in kitchen designs can help add fluidity and a sense of seamlessness, the contours of the work surfaces and cupboard faces can assume more natural forms that work together cohesively. In this example from Four Seasons for instance you can see curves being used on a large scale as the focal point of the kitchen, in a jigsaw­style layout.

Kitchen curves from Four Seasons

The contours of the worktops and curved paneling appear contemporary, yet in neutral colours still seem homely and inviting.

You don’t have to go overboard with curves to get the look. Subtlety can be as effective and will fit in with the rest of your kitchen’s style. The use of slight, simple curves can breathe a sense of elegance into any kitchen, creating a sleek, stylish finish that’s both practical and on trend.

Altrincham KitchenYou can even experiment with choosing furniture such as dining chairs that have curved elements and see how that aids your design.

Adding curves to your Corian kitchen can really help bring it into the 21st century. When designing your kitchen, consider how much space is available to you and whether curved designs could create more efficiency with your space.

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