Dadens@UnitPlan: grand opening of new showroom


Age Explorer attends grand opening of Dadens@UnitPlan new showroom in Chelmsford.

The Mayor or Chelmsford opened Dadens@UnitPlan new showroom on Saturday to a gathering of friends, family, new and past clients.

Mayor of Chelmsford with Teresa and Clive Daden

Mayor of Chelmsford with Teresa and Clive Daden cutting the ribbon

Teresa and Clive Daden have been in business now for forty years and so it was a double celebration. Once the ribbon was ceremonially cut by the mayor, the crowd entered the fabulous new showroom.

The day was perfectly organised with the champagne flowing and lovely food throughout. A pianist added to the ambiance and there was an organised game for the children with prizes. Past clients I spoke with were very keen to pass on their great experience of kitchens designed and fitted by Dadens@UnitPlan.

Sarah Park, a kitchen designer, tried on the Age Explorer suit and said it was a real eye opener as she demonstrated the use of drawers and standard cupboards.

The Age Explorer Suit

The Age Explorer Suit

Sarah in age Explorer suit

Sarah demonstrates the Age Explorer suit

Sarah in Age Explorer suit

A very enjoyable day had by all!

Andrea would like to wish all the team at Dadens@UnitPlan continued success. See you soon!

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