Do you really need a new kitchen?


Do you feel that your kitchen just needs to be freshened up, it feels a little dated and you would like it to be more functional? So how do you go about it and is it possible? Well the popular press is full of adverts of companies that can transform your kitchen in a couple of days, sure this can happen and you can have new doors, worktop and sink changes, but is that all you want?


  • The first thing to consider is are the cabinets in your kitchen suitable for a new life. Look at your shelves. Are they bowing?
  • Is your sink cabinet still sound and are all the edge details sound?

If everything looks good, but do get an expert in to check it out, then you will be able to change your doors and drawer fronts. But why stop there, if you find a good company then you can consider all the drawbacks with your current kitchen. The inaccessible corners, the drawer boxes that need changing to new metal sided boxes and possibly the lack of drawers.

Any good kitchen company that undertakes this work will have installers who will be able to alter existing cabinets, add additional cabinets, replace drawer boxes and change the look of your kitchen. But why stop there, depending on the type of worksurface you have on your existing kitchen, you can replace it with a number of different surfaces or even upgrade your kitchen by installing solid worksurfaces like quartz or granite. If you are changing your worktops then you can change your sink, the tap and any hobs to modernise the whole kitchen.

Depending on the colour of the cabinets, you can either match the existing cabinet or contrast against it and reinforce that difference with cabinet matched accessories. Don’t believe that you are stuck with what you have got, a clever designer with a functional mind can provide you with a re-vamped kitchen that provides you with all the latest storage solutions and fittings and yet, is done within a smaller budget as the kitchen does not need stripping out. Re-vitalising your kitchen is very popular and can be done for a budget, so before you rip out your existing kitchen get an expert in to consider a door and accessory change.

Over the next months we will be looking at how different products can enhance your kitchen whether it is a refurb or a complete kitchen. This image is of a kitchen where we added to a existing kitchen which was painted to match and we used full cabinets and components to create a functional kitchen without ripping out the clients existing kitchen and removing her favourite sink.

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