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After! When a kitchen is planned using the “Consumables”, “Non-consumables”, “Cleaning”, “Preparation” and “Cooking” zones, and the various storage items are properly allocated to these zones, these items can be optimally stored as well as quickly and easily retrieved.

So what, logically, would need to be to hand and easily available in each of these zones and what units would the kitchen planner or designer allocate to the zones when dealing with the storage of consumables and non-consumables? (Recap on Part One and the five kitchen zones here)

Storage of consumables:

Consumables in Space Corner draw

Consumables in Space Corner draw

Typically most grocery shopping along with refrigerated and frozen commodities would be in this zone. So the fridge/freezer would be located in this zone area along with larder units and large base unit, full-extension drawers. It is vital to emphasise that there should be no fixed shelves in base units and the visual and actual access to the entire contents be maintained by full-extension Tandembox drawers and internal pull-outs. The other, equally important aspect is that drawer and pull-out interiors should have flexible organisational systems as provided by Blum’s Orga-Line.

Consumables Larder

Full length consumables larder

Storage of non-consumables:

Corner draw with electrical appliances

A corner solution with Orga-Line dividers enables you to organise your small electrical appliances

The non-consumables zone is the largest storage zone in the kitchen. It alone holds one third of all storage items. These are items like cutlery, crockery, glasses, plastic containers, electric whisks etc. Here again shallow cutlery drawers and, lower down, high fronted deep drawers with internal pull-outs make full use of the depth and height of the cabinets. On the wall above the work surface, overhead cabinets now have the advantage of having one of four new Blum Aventos lift systems which allows the user to open the lift-up doors effortlessly and to any position with closing fully controlled by integrated Blumotion soft close.

Multiple corner draws

The Blum Space Corner brings added-value to all five zones: Whether it’s the Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation or Cooking zone – it provides an excellent overview and easy access.

Coming in Part 3: Storage for cleaning, preparation and cooking

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