Dynamic Space (part 3): cleaning, preparation & cooking storage


So what, logically, would need to be to hand and easily available in each of these zones and what units would the kitchen planner or designer allocate to the zones when dealing with cleaning, preparation and cooking storage?


This is the area that is most used and contains “wet” and “waste disposal” areas.

So, obviously the sink and sink cabinet with an adjacent dishwasher would be centred on this zone. Careful and inventive use of the sink cabinet and in and around the waste are essential. Blum’s innovative under-sink drawer uses normally wasted space for cleaning objects and materials. In the base of the unit a high fronted drawer would typically contain waste separation containers and above this an internal pull-out fully divided to store ancillary items like paper towels, spare dish cloths and Brillo pads etc.

Cleaning zone drawer

Under-sink drawer

The Orga-Line inner dividing system transforms pull-outs under the sink into a good place to store a waste separation system as well as household cleaners. The inner pull-out (with handle) provides space for rubbish bags, dishwasher soap tabs and much more


This is generally the area between the sink and the hob and should have sufficient work surface and be well lit. In many kitchens it also occupies the corner in the kitchen and here Blum’s unique Space Corner gives the ultimate storage and accessibility to this problematic internal area. It is a fantastic solution for the preparation zone that can store most large and small items including removable knife racks.

Deep base units’ drawers would be organised and divided for storage of bottles containing oils, flavourings, vinegar etc. Chopping boards would also be stored alongside in divided drawers while special lift-out spice racks are also accommodated.

Preparation zone pull-out

The Tandembox pull-out system provides lots of space for mixing bowls stored in the Preparation zone.

Preparation drawer

Cutlery drawer

The Preparation zone is also a good place for the knife holder along with kitchen utensils. The Orga-Line inner dividing system solution provides organisation and overview.


The hob and possibly electric wok and/or steam oven will be the centre of this zone. The surrounding base units would contain deep pan drawers with dividers for lids and cooking utensils. Also storage for colanders, sieves and the like. Directly under the hob a shallow drawer could contain salt and pepper bottles, tasting utensils and wooden spoons, whisks etc.

Small wall cabinets

With Aventos HK you can also make optimal use of the storage space in small wall cabinets

Pots & pans pull-out with cooking utensils

Pots & pans pull-out with cooking utensils

Coming in Part 4: The design rules of Dynamic Space…


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