Dynamic Space (part 1): The ins & outs


Having evolved from the original concept of a “working triangle” in the kitchen that was merely a room for food preparation and cooking, Blum have acknowledged that lifestyle trends have moved on significantly and that the kitchen is the hub of the modern home often used for daily living and even entertaining.

Improved storage space and quality of motion

Dynamic Space: improved storage space and quality of motion

The carefully researched result is Dynamic Space which recognises 5 main zones of activity in the modern kitchen – no matter the configuration – and then allocates specialist units for highly functional storage accordingly.

The five zones are:

1. Storage of consumables

2. Storage of non-consumables

3. Cleaning

4. Preparation

5. Cooking

Dynamic space is planning according to activity zones:

Consumables iconConsumables:

Typically, provisions such as preserved food, rice, pasta and of course refrigerated products are kept in this zone.

Non-consumables iconNon-Consumables:

This zone is used for the storage of tableware such as crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc.

Cleaning zone iconCleaning zone: 

This zone not only accommodates the sink and/or dishwasher but also storage areas for cleaning utensils/materials. It also houses the waste and recycling area.

Preparation zone iconPreparation zone:

The preparation zone is one of the main work zones in kitchens. Appliances, kitchen implements, spices and lots more should be located close to the worktop intended for preparing food.

Cooking zone iconCooking zone:

This zone does not only include a ceramic hob and oven but other gadgetry such as a steamer, a microwave and extractor hood. Pots, pans, baking sheets and cooking utensils are all items that should be readily available in this zone.


Kitchen Zone types

Zones for the various layouts of kitchen

Recommended ergonomic storage levels for storing items

Recommended ergonomic storage levels for storing items

Coming in Part 2: storage!

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