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We all like to think of ourselves as the Masterchefs of our own humble kitchens. Why not introduce art into your kitchen that channels these aspirations? The Kitchen Think has teamed up with Rise Art to brainstorm the kind of artworks that embody the spirit of some of the nation’s favourite foodies.

Rise Art 1

Celeb number one has to be Mary Berry. The 82-year-old Bake Off star is all about the flambés and the Victoria Sponges. No soggy bottoms please. It’s frills, florals and shades of pastel when it comes to Mary. Think strawberries and cream plus a glass of bubbly.

Mary Berry

(from left) We Are Family by Irene Hoff
Flower Girl by Ellie Vandoorne
Connected LA Calling by Yuliya Martynova

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the fiery Gordon Ramsay. We’re talking the stuff of (Kitchen) Nightmares. Gordon does not mince his words and he tolerates nothing less than perfection. We’re talking bold colours, strong lines and punchiness overall. If Gordon were an artwork, he’d be a statement piece.

Gordon Ramsay

(from left) Predator by Paul Coghlin
Escape by Paresh Nrshinga
Rebirth by Derek Sim

Let’s take the temperature down a notch. Jamie Oliver favours simplicity, opting for laid-back, homestyle cooking. Our Naked Chef is more about the simmer than the boil. Jamie goes in for fresh produce, comfort food and recipes for the Everyman. Artworks that have warmth and heartiness rounded off with a dash of calm align with Jamie’s dinner-in-jeans style.

Jamie Oliver

(from left) The Great outdoors by Richard Wade
Diffuse by Magdalena Morey
Waves of Happiness One by Helen Wells

And now for something a little saucier. Nigella Lawson is one [trendy/stylish/chic] food connoisseur. Rich flavours and decadent ingredients abound, and Nigella dresses to match. When it comes to finding art to channel your inner Nigellissima, you’ve got to look for the artistic equivalent of Chocolate Guinness Cake.


(from left) Acho by Andrew Millar
Coral Exposure by Alison Johnson
Third Eye of the Crow by Alexandra Gallagher

Our final taster is lighter on the palate, though it retains an essence of sophistication. John Torode and Gregg Wallace, the famous Masterchef UK duo, are tough cookies – but they also have a playful side. Combine a full measure of good taste and a great dollop of high standards, fold in some fun, and you’ve nailed the Masterchef look.


(from left) Designer Trees by Bruce McLean
Decisions by Philip McKay
Slightly Unusual by Niki Hare

Maybe you are indeed the next best thing after Betty Crocker, maybe not. Either way, consider decking out the kitchen with art that captures the personality of your favourite foodie. You never know, something might rub off by osmosis.

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