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I was having dinner round at a friend’s house recently when talk turned to their new kitchen that was being planned. Naturally, I asked about worktop choices, and was met with a very clear response – I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s shiny and black. This was simply non-negotiable. That’s what they wanted.

I have heard this many times over the years. There is a massive selection of materials, colours and patterns available for kitchen worktops but for some only a black worktop will do. It’s easy to understand this point of view when you take a look at stunning designs such as this futuristic kitchen above. It has been made using various new Corian® black colours from the unique DeepColour™ technology range that delivers greater depth of colour and improved durability.

Kitchen with DeepColour™ Technology by Crea Diffusion

Kitchen with DeepColour™ Technology by Crea Diffusion

Stunning. And the interesting thing is that a kitchen using dark colours doesn’t have to mean dull and drab.

Matthew James Kitchen

Matthew James Kitchen

On reflection…

High gloss kitchens have been around for a long time. By adding depth and reflection to a dark colour – black again in this beautiful Matthew James Kitchen – the overall effect can be of a surprisingly light kitchen. Here Glacier White Corian® worktops and lime green contrast to the dark black to soften the overall effect further.

A cleverly designed kitchen will use high gloss to give a greater sense of space in the kitchen. Even the smallest of galley kitchens can get away with dark colours in this way.

Four Seasons of Roundhay, Leeds

Four Seasons of Roundhay, Leeds

Dark and elegant

There can be a richness and elegance to darker materials used in the kitchen. In this example above by Four Seasons Kitchens, the walnut veneer gives a fantastic sense of opulence to this kitchen diner. Set off by a contrasting glass splashback in an equally rich colour the scheme makes the room feel warm and inviting. In this case a cream coloured Corian® worktop serves as a counterpoint to inject some lightness in the room.

It’s all about the light

Ultimately how you use dark colours will depend on the light that comes into the kitchen. Do you want a small kitchen with little natural light to have very dark cabinetry and worktops? Probably not, equally, where there is an awful lot of natural light flooding into the room, very dark cabinets can look strikingly at odds with the feel of the room. A good kitchen designer will use light, artificial or natural, as the basis of how much dark colour your design can take. Getting the right balance will make or break how nice the room looks which is why, as ever, getting an expert to help design your kitchen can be essential.

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