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I read with interest the recent blog by Natasha Long entitled ‘The luxury of being ‘Green’.

I think it’s a comforting thought to know that the younger generation are so switched onto recycling!

But it lead me down a slightly different path and left me thinking about how we cope with all that rubbish that accumulates in our kitchen…. How best to segregate it and then send it on its merry way to a new life!

Aurora BinsWe have come along way from the plastic bin hung on the back of a cupboard door with an old Tesco bag stuffed into it spilling its contents onto the base of the sink cupboard.

There are now fabulous ways to separate and segregate!

One of the best innovations to tackle this arduous task has to be the combination shown here.

In this case I have illustrated the Italian kitchen manufacture Vama Cucine sink drawer solution. Utilising the full extension soft close drawer system by Blum with a fully integrated waste recycling system every base is covered.

The top drawer is ‘cut away’ in the middle to allow for the sink and all its plumbing, but the sides and front are cleverly designed to incorporate storage for cleaning products including scouring pads, washing up brushes, etc.

The lower drawer accommodates three covered bins, one larger than the others, each with an integral fold down handle making it easy to remove them from the drawer. At the back there is additional storage space for other bottles that you might want to keep out of harms way.

Almost every square centimetre of this sink base solution is fully utilised space. It can even be motorised!

Making the ever present task of recycling an even more luxurious occupation!

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