Hi-tech meets great design in a kitchen designed with Corian®.


As kitchens become more hi- tech and the “internet of things (IoT)” – machine to machine or machine to object connectivity – is built in to new homes and public spaces as standard, what will this mean for the average homeowner?

The IoT will change the way we manage everything. Shopping lists, whether on paper or on a chalkboard by the kitchen door, will be a thing of the past. Your fridge and freezer will tell your smartphone that you need milk or frozen peas, your oven will turn itself on when you are an hour from home in your driverless car and your bath will run itself. You’ll still have to stack the dishwasher and sort the laundry yourself, but the machines will do the rest.

Kitchen designers and manufacturers of kitchen furnishings and gadgets are busy working out how to bring you equipment that works with this new environment. New gadgets especially place demands on their surroundings and at CD UK we are developing new products in DuPont™ Corian® that support the superb time and labour-saving items that are now on every homeowner’s must-have list.

Our Avante sinks range was created in response to the trend for boiling water taps. A stainless steel bottom layer gives the sink extra heat resistance and resilience, while the Corian® body delivers great looks and ultimate flexibility. Now available off the shelf in a variety of shapes and seamlessly blending with the surrounding work surface, this is one of several clever solutions when working with Corian® to the durability and desirability question for designers, especially when incorporating new kitchen technology.

Practicality extends beyond the purely utilitarian in a kitchen that optimises Corian®. Lighting is key to any design scheme and Corian® offers many options to incorporate great lighting solutions into your kitchen. Tested in commercial applications, translucent Corian® allows designers to place static or moving light displays under the surface to create futuristic highlight effects that are both beautiful and functional.

Illuminated Corian Worktop by Kent Blaxill

Backlit Corian by Aurivia US

Wilson Fink Showroom

Design flexibility is paramount and the beauty of this material is that it can be moulded in many ways, allowing sockets and other necessary but unattractive components to be hidden. Coming soon from Corian® manufacturer DuPont is wireless charging for smartphones and tablets within Corian® surfaces, enabling you to refuel your devices simply by placing them in the right spot on your kitchen counter. With this innovation and others in development there are no limits to the ways that our solid surface material will work with IoT technology to help designers bring your vision to life.

Counter Top Charging


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