Hot stuff: 7 dream kitchens from the movies


If you’re looking for inspiration for a new kitchen, go to the movies! With money usually no object to set the perfect scene for some sophisticated cinematography, there are some truly wonderful kitchen spaces to fall in love with on the silver screen. Here are 7 of our favourites.

1. It’s Complicated (2009)


Director Nancy Meyers is well known for the use of gorgeous homes as on-location setting for her films, and It’s Complicated is no different. Meryl Streep’s generously sized modern country kitchen is a Californian dream: bright and clutter-free, using natural materials and rustic touches here and there, it’s an effortlessly cosy place we’d all love to be invited to for a lazy brunch.

Oodles of worktop space and a marble topped breakfast bar that doubles up as extra workspace combine beautifully with hanging pots and pans, open shelving, floating cabinets and fresh bowls of fruit. The space opens out to the dining room for family entertaining in true American style.

2. Amelie (2001)


Amelie’s petite cuisine may not be the largest kitchen in the world, but it’s certainly one of the cutest. Full of vintage charm without a hint of high tech in sight, it’s bold, retro and eclectic yet somehow feels very current. Just look at the quirky tilework, simple open shelving and beaded curtain – utterly delightful.

A colour scheme of classic scarlet red and marigold yellow, together with splashes of green and blue, create an air of nostalgia that doesn’t feel old fashioned at all. It’s young, fresh and purposeful – just like the main character. Oh and there’s a big window too, all the better to watch passers-by through…

3. The Holiday (2006)


For the country cottage kitchen of your dreams, take a look at Iris’ compact kitchen in The Holiday. Simple whitewashed stone walls, exposed original timbers and a huge stone fireplace form the backdrop for powder blue Shaker style kitchen units and open shelving with mismatched china on display. There’s a rustic dining table and chairs and a traditional dresser that holds more mismatched crockery.

This is a well-loved space for casual country living, imbued with traditional values of feeling content, grounded and at home. Just like Iris (Kate Winslet) in the film, there’s a feminine, insouciant vibe that’s utterly charming.

4. Practical Magic (1998)


A Victorian manse is the setting for this stunning and enchanting kitchen that is as relevant now as it was 200 years ago. A beamed vaulted ceiling, black wooden plank flooring and high gloss ochre tiling form the dramatic backdrop to a traditional space where it’s all about the AGA.

Set within a high chimney breast, the beautiful range cooker is the focal point where all the (black) magic happens. There’s traditional freestanding cabinetry and a huge central rustic wooden table along with crockery and cookware that look like they’ve always belonged there.

5. Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)


Perhaps not surprisingly, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kitchen in Mr & Mrs Smith is high end, slick and contemporary. All black silver tiles and stainless steel for cupboard doors, appliances and accessories, there’s a touch of drama and a glint of danger about the place. As contemporary kitchens go, it’s surely the pinnacle of sophistication.

In the centre of the room is a large mosaic island featuring hidden nooks and crannies as well as a double oven – useful for storing Mrs Smith’s gun collection, it would seem. James Bond would certainly approve.

6. Julie & Julia (2009)


Julia’s spectacular kitchen is everything you would expect from a famous chef; the movie set was apparently recreated from Julia Child’s own New York apartment.

From the unexpectedly blue walls and simple country-style teal coloured cabinets to copper pots and pans and vintage china liberally displayed across the generous room, it’s a traditional and cosy space that’s more about perfecting the cooking and less about the perfect kitchen design. A dream kitchen for any aspiring gourmand.

7. A Single Man (2010)


Set largely in a mid-century Californian dream home designed by iconic architect John Lautner, George’s (Colin Firth) 1960s kitchen really makes you sit up and take notice.

With its pared back exposed wooden beams and panelling, bright green worktops teamed with stainless steel appliance, it’s a strong, handsome and masculine look that’s impossible not to be attracted to. Unashamedly forward looking and unique in its design, this kitchen makes a real style statement.

Mike James, an independent writer and regular contributor to The Kitchen Think. Working with Price Kitchens on a series of articles, including this look at dream kitchens from the movies.

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