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The kitchen is now the focal point of many homes, especially when it is part of an open-plan layout and on show. In a modern property, a contemporary, handle-less, white gloss design is ideal for making a bold statement, but thinking about lighting when planning your kitchen will help you to create something truly unforgettable.

Look at the scheme below; the lighting used has brought the kitchen to life, bringing depth and interest to the space. The appearance of the kitchen itself has been dramatically enhanced and it looks as though it is of far more value. If you haven’t got the budget to splash out on a designer kitchen, a well thought-out lighting scheme can make it look just as expensive!

Lighting a modern kitchen with Sensio fittings

Lighting a modern kitchen with Sensio fittings

To achieve this look in your contemporary kitchen, opt for HD LED fittings that provide a more intense light output. Choose cool white lighting instead of warm white as it is a more clinical, stark shade complementing modern door finishes well. This scheme has a balance of mood and task lighting, so that it not only creates a striking effect, but is practical too.

Install colour changing strip lighting above wall-hung cabinets to divert the eye upwards and make the space feel as though it is has an added sense of height. The same lighting is then installed along the plinth of both the floor-standing cabinets and island unit to create a floating effect. Installed here is Sensio’s Colour Changing Flexible Strip Light, which can be set to one colour, or it can fade between the 7 pre-set colours. This means first thing in the morning you can opt for a fresh shade of green, or for a sophisticated dinner party a deep shade of purple would be more appropriate.

Lights have also been installed within the wall-hung cabinets. The frosted glass panels of the doors will work to diffuse the light for a subtle glow, also acting as mood lighting. To achieve the same look opt for Sensio’s LED Square Surface Lights.

To help with the more practical tasks including cooking and food preparation, lighting has been installed underneath the wall-hung cabinets to illuminate the worktop. Sensio’s HD LED 2020 Linkable Strip Lighting is ideal as you can purchase as many fittings as you need and then simply connect them together for a continuous run.

If the contemporary kitchen you have opted for is perfectly smooth and sophisticated but lacking that edge you were looking for, make lighting your first consideration before the units are installed. You will be amazed by the transformation!

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