How to improve your kitchen karma… (Infographic)


How to improve your kitchen karma... (Infographic)

When it comes to green living, old habits die-hard. Cutting down our food waste, cooking times and water use can feel like a constant battle. Just when you think you’ve cracked it, you’ll slip back into your old ways.

Bad Kitchen Karma 1

Bad Kitchen Karma 2

However, once you’ve been given the low-down on just how much energy you use in the kitchen, you may find it easier to implement our tips into your daily routine. After all, the kitchen is responsible for 40% of all household energy consumption – a fact we should all be conscious of.

What is being done?

If we can break down this monopoly that the kitchen holds, we can potentially save huge amounts on our incoming bills. If you’re not moved by the ecological impact these changes will make on the environment, you may be motivated by the economical sense they make.

As this infographic from Appliance Spares Warehouse shows, simple changes such as popping a lid on whilst cooking and switching the hob off a few moments earlier, allowing your food to be cooked with the remaining heat are easy changes we can all make. You don’t need to change your life drastically to account for your energy usage, just keep in mind the handy hints and tips from this handy infographic and you’ll soon reap the rewards the next time you receive your energy bills!

Can you alter your kitchen habits? 1

Can you alter your kitchen habits? 2

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