How To: Master The Minimalist Luxury Look In Your Kitchen


A pristine kitchen with few distractions and even less clutter is the dream for many, offering up a blank canvas for culinary experimentation – whether it’s a three-course meal or just reheating yesterday’s leftovers.

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In this post, we’ll run through the ways in which you can master the tricky science of minimalist luxury in your kitchen, cutting through the noise to deliver some expert kitchen advice that’ll have you well on the way to culinary serenity in your home.


Make sure everything is functional


A stripped-back kitchen works best when its main features are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Think about what you use day-to-day in your kitchen – the taps, sink, fridge and hob are obvious candidates – and earmark them for an upgrade.


Once these functional features are upgraded to a luxe level – think thermostatic mixer taps, stone basins and high-tech fridge-freezers – you’ll have a kitchen that pairs luxury with functionality, removing the need for superfluous decoration that only serves to clutter up space.

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Audit your appliances


Kitchen gadgets might seem like the answer to your cooking prayers when you buy them, but, the fact is, most homeowners are guilty of stockpiling machines and time-saving devices in their kitchens – without actually using them on a daily basis.


Have an audit of the various white goods dotted around the kitchen. Do you actually use that bread maker? Could you utilise the space it occupies in a better way? Be a little ruthless in terms of worktop space, but don’t forget that you can always store these appliances away when not in use instead of throwing them out.

Modern Kitchen

Get the aesthetic right with tiles


A minimalist look is all about removing visual noise and creating a calm, distraction-free space, making the room focus on its purpose. To achieve this in the kitchen while still adding a dash of luxury, tiles can be used to great effect.


To create a stripped-back look, stone tiles are a good option – but, if you prefer more of a clean sheen to your space, then a metro tile splashback in a neutral, monochrome colour scheme will evoke the timeless style of the world’s many metro systems.


Pick the right furniture


Taking inspiration from the functionality-first ethos of Scandinavian design is the key to reaching minimalist nirvana. The typical Scandi furniture style places a strong precedence on using elegantly crafted wood in simple designs to create practical luxury – and this is something you can easily incorporate into your kitchen in the form of breakfast bar stools or a casual dining set.


You should aim to avoid bulky furniture, loud patterns and materials such as leather. The space tends to flow so much better with light, ergonomically placed furniture instead of hefty pieces that dominate the room.


But keep its character intact


When auditing, organising and refurbishing your kitchen in a minimalist luxury way, make sure there’s room for character and sentimentality in the room. Retain those favourite pots and pans, make space for a favourite clock or painting to go on the wall, and leave room for little eclectic touches that epitomise your home and your character.


Minimalist and organisation expert Marie Kondo talks about retaining an item if it sparks joy in your heart – something we wholly endorse for small ornaments or fridge magnets that tend to be scattered around your kitchen.


Black and White Kitchen


Retaining character while basking in the calm of a minimal luxury kitchen is key, and we hope these tips will put you on the right track to achieving just that.


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Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.

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