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Daniele BruttoDaniele Brutto, co-founder at Hub Kitchens, talks about his inspirations, kitchen essentials and new projects, including the recent Battersea showroom relaunch.

Influenced by his grandfather, a naval engineer with a fascination for technical design, Daniele fell in love with product design from an early age. He studied for a BSC in Product Design before deciding to travel. After returning from an 18-month trip around the world, Daniele and his father launched Hub Kitchens in 2007 to introduce the finest Italian cabinetry to the UK.
Ten years later, Hub Kitchens has an enviable client list and a Battersea address showcasing sleek Italian, ultra-modern kitchens from TM Italia and Record e Cucine, complemented with the latest appliances from Gaggenau and Miele. In May 2017, Daniele relaunched his Battersea showroom with designs including The Cut, created by London-based architect Alessandro Isola and produced by Record e Cucine. This award-winning L-shaped central island hides a wooden dining table and has storage that lowers at the touch of a button.

Hub Moga

Hub Kitchens

Here, Daniele talks about his design influences, trends and what’s coming up for Hub Kitchens…

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everyday life, things that on the surface seem mundane but when you study them more closely, reveal a far greater depth. Buildings and their architectural features fascinate me. I love riding around London, gazing at the amazing materials, textures and finishes – elements that can be found on all buildings yet details that I think most of us ignore. The upside down house on Blackfriars Road in London for instance never fails to make me smile.

What essentials should every kitchen have?

Great looking sockets! It’s the small details that perfect and bring together the final look.

Why is ‘The Cut’ so special?

It’s a brand new award-winning concept, designed by Alessandro Isola featuring adaptable elements and inspired storage solutions produced to the highest quality with a premium finish. It’s a game changer!

The Cut

The Cut

What does design mean to you?

It’s simple – design has to make things better. My mind works on a very practical level, hence my pragmatic approach to design. However, finding the balance between something that not only works for purpose but is aesthetically pleasing is the real trick, and that to me is great design.

Hub Kitchens

Do you have a design icon?

Being a car fanatic, The Alfa Romeo 8C – a modern classic that I hope to one day own. So beautiful that I wish I had designed it myself.

What does the future hold for Hub Kitchens?

Hub Kitchens will continue to offer the best Italian style with the highest quality finishes, ensuring that the bespoke kitchen we design creates the hub of the home. With plans of a new showroom, we will have additional space to bring even more of the best Italian design to the UK.

Hub Kitchens designs start from £40,000 and you can find out more at

Hub Kitchens

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