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A popular addition to kitchens with a bit more floor space is the kitchen island. It seems you can’t move for adverts that feature large islands complete with smiley mums standing proudly behind making the kids’ tea. But there’s much more to the kitchen island than just worktop space, so we’re going to talk you through just some of the options available.

Earle and Ginger Kitchen Island

Earle & Ginger’s “Pretty” Kitchen Island

As well as providing more workspace, islands can be used as somewhere to house appliances and sinks. In Earle & Ginger’s “Pretty” kitchen the island not only acts as a space to integrate the hob and sink but allows the designer to add extra storage space in the form of huge pull­out drawers. Using different levels within the island means a lower space for the kids to work on will keep them quiet while you cook!

A Morpeth Kitchen Island

A classic white Kitchen Island from Morpeth Kitchens

Islands also make for a great breakfast bar when teamed with high stools or chairs, just like this classic white example from Morpeth Kitchens. You don’t need a lot of leg room to turn your island into a multifunctional cooking and dining unit, but you may want to consider the dimensions of the room and how often you are likely to use it before adding in this functionality.

You might also consider a fully recessed island if your room is a bit smaller ­ this will ensure that the island doesn’t dominate the room and bring a bit more open space.

Corian Island from Solidity Ltd

Thermoformed Corian island from Solidity Ltd

Although many people favour straight, clean lines your island doesn’t have to conform to the classic square shape. This thermoformed Corian island from Solidity Ltd is a great example of how rounded edges can be used to bring something more unique and interesting to your kitchen.

Serpentine Kitchen Island

This serpentine design from Surface Solutions with integrated hinged doors

This serpentine design from Surface Solutions with integrated hinged doors and a separate breakfast bar also shows how your imagination needn’t be limited when it comes to your kitchen island’s design. With curved doors including routed finger pulls, this island maximises storage while still maintaining the S­shape of the whole unit. The added breakfast bar is also perfect for serving drinks if you have guests in the evening.

With so many options for your kitchen island there’s something for everyone, provided you’ve got enough space, in this top 2013 trend.

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