Jeannie’s new kitchen project – Part 2: Feeling better!


You’ll be relieved to hear that I seemed to have gained much more control over my nerves now!

This is due to the fact that I have found a wonderful retailer, Renee, who has really given the project some direction and seems to understand what I need and, more importantly, want! We spent a good few hours talking everything through, its amazing how much there is to think about – that quote from my last blog about there being 250 decisions to make doesn’t seem so outrageous now!

I want my base units to have drawers, not doors, and fixed shelves. I have definitely decided on a more traditional look, and Renee lead me to this decision through a series of very basic questions: light or dark, matt or gloss, solid wood or colour, and so on; making things much easier than looking at 100 different door samples!

Love this - just what I am looking for although maybe not in black

Furthermore, the studio, Schmidt Kitchens in Dorking, was full of so many ideas to steer me. As well as the ubiquitous displays (7 or 8 full kitchens, so lots of design tips), there were loads of little clever extras, like non-slip mats in the drawers to avoid sliding knick-knacks, a fixed metal top over the bins in the waste drawer so no smells escape, and a plinth which is shorter than normal (10cm not 15cm), giving more storage space, and has an extra bracket so the base unit sits on the plinth. This creates a perfect seal, meaning no crumbs or water can penetrate underneath the base unit – brilliant!

So clever!

This drawer really DOES take 65Kg of contents

Renee then went on to show me her “Ideal Kitchen”, which is composed of the basic requirements for a kitchen. This way, you can see how everything fits together as well as learning about more ingenious features, such as an additional bin that hooks onto a drawer for peelings, and weights in the drawers to demonstrate their strength (my husband had to test this out!) Their wall units are extra deep so you can fit a good sized serving dish in there; something I was helped to visualise by all the lifestyle accessories on display.

So what next?

Well, I am waiting for Renee to draw up a plan, and will see where we go from there….Reassuringly, they don’t charge for design, so on the off chance that I’m not totally enamoured with Renee’s vision (which I’m confident will not be the case), I can go elsewhere without having wasted a few hundred pounds.

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