Jeannie’s New Kitchen Project – Part 4: Don’t Panic…


…I say, having had a major panic! My Aga needed a service, so when the lovely man came round to do just this I, of course, got chatting about my soon-to-be fabulous new kitchen, which prompted him to mention that ‘obviously’ I had remembered to bear in mind that he would need access to the controls on the right hand side of the Aga. No, no I had not!

Thankfully though, I have not actually ordered the units yet. Cue sigh of relief. And, as ever, Renee has easily sorted this out; instead of 1200mm units on each side of the Aga, I am now having a 900mm and a 300mm unit, and the one on the right will just have a removable shelf and a hole in the side of the carcase so we can access the controls. Phew – the panic was short lived!

Moving on then, from one minor blip to the next, I decided to spend a day with Renee to ‘test drive’ my kitchen at Blum’s HQ in Milton Keynes. This is a free service offered to any consumer who is willing to make the trek, and I have to say that the trip is well worth the effort.

Test Driving my kitchen at Blum’s HQ in Milton Keynes

Test Driving my kitchen at Blum’s HQ in Milton Keynes

After all my manipulations of the kitchen, and the amount of time I have spent on it (10 hours and counting, not including all the time Renee has spent without me) I was pretty sure that the test drive would be a mere formality in order to ensure I was completely happy with the design. Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing we decided to proceed with the formalities…

Tom Winfield at Blum had been sent the plans for the kitchen by Renee, so it was all laid out for us when we arrived. Blum have a huge room with life sized units on wheels, so you can move the units around and then actually walk around your kitchen and get a feel for how it will work. When I started planning the kitchen, I said I really wanted a huge statement island unit, so that is what I had. But in fact when I saw it I realised that it really was unnecessarily big, and so we have reduced the size by 300mm, which not only gives me a more manageable island, but also means I have more space around it for family to loiter. Apparently Tom has never done a test drive without making a small, or even huge, change to the kitchen. I think the moral here is that if you are spending £10,000 – £50,000 on your new kitchen, isn’t it worth taking an extra day to be one hundred per cent confident in your investment?

We also spent a bit of time looking at all the internal storage options from Blum – there are so many clever solutions, which divide up the internal space into workable areas, and a fantastic sink drawer, which I am definitely putting an order in for.

Blum's cutlery dividers

Blum’s cutlery dividers

Blum's solution for bottles and chopping boards

Blum’s solution for bottles and chopping boards

Blum's sink drawer - brilliant idea

Blum’s sink drawer – brilliant idea

So now I just need to verify the measurements of the kitchen, and decide the exact models of fridge/microwave and dishwasher, and then we press the button. The excitement really is mounting!

If you are interested in a Test Drive, please see the following link to book in for an appointment:

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