KBB 2016: Day 1


Right so my mission which I chose to accept, was the opportunity to live and breathe the KBB experience for 4 WHOLE DAYS.

Waking up this morning, I didn’t really know where the day would take me, but I thought the best place for me to start was by visiting a few of the conferences that the organisers had arranged. So I went to 4, to try and identify some of the key trends and focusses we are facing within the KBB industry.

The day started with a “View from the top”, followed by “Kitchen consumers in 2016”, “The new consumer: The shopfloor view” and finally “Future trends, from concept to consumer”. It was quite comforting to see that they all were essentially on the same page with regard to what the situation is within the market and what they think the future will hold.

Hopefully we can all say we are out of the recession (touches wood) and the market and economy are picking up again. I think the last few years have shown that those companies who have stood by their core principles and focussed on educating/training their employees, whilst also offering added value to their customers have succeeded.

However, now we have the impending uncertainty of the in or out decision we have to face in regards to the EU, which was discussed in a “View from the top”. The feeling from the panel that I picked up on was that the industry would be better off if we stayed within the EU, especially in regards to what we have become accustomed to over the past few years as a result of this bond. So could this move potentially de-stabilise it all again if we chose to leave? Probably yes.

Another interesting concept that was discussed, was that the population of today is more knowledgeable than it has ever been before, what with the influx of the internet and social media, almost everything can be found within a couple of clicks of your mouse. Take this blog for example, you are getting this the very same day I heard about it. This in most ways is a good thing, but in other ways the options you see online may not always be viable for you.

The conference with Houzz – “Kitchen consumers in 2016”, was very enlightening. As they showed numerous facts and figures about what is going on predominantly within the kitchen industry. They have over 9 million “inspiration” images and can tell you from all of their research what is happening in the kitchens of today. Like for example: 34% of Houzz users would like to renovate their kitchens and the majority of those that want to do this, want to make them bigger. Also with houses getting smaller and more generations of families all living within the same house, space and ease of use has to be really considered.

From the “Future trends, from concept to consumer conference”, presented by Tony Robson. It was interesting to hear that as we are now all living longer, those over the age of 50 have 76% of the nations wealth, and this “Grey Consumer” is a very sophisticated and sought after bunch. On the other hand you have the “Millenials”, who have never really known life without the internet, are very environmentally conscience and again are opinionated. Those within the middle ground, seemingly are a mix of both.

I think from all the conferences today, I discovered that space is definitely and issue for the future and how to get the most use out of it. We are still all conscience of the environment and how potentially we could reduce our impact to it. But overall we as a population are more aware of our surroundings, we want technology, add-ons, and a custom made package that works just for us. This is truly the case when it comes to our kitchens, not one kitchen is right for everyone and I think that definitely became clear today. Tony Robson ended his presentation with a great saying “stop making me too, start making new new”

Over the next few days I want to build on these concepts and show you products that are at KBB now, that could help us cover some of these areas for each and everyone of us in the future.



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