KBB 2016: Day 3 (Innovation Award Special)


So as today is the day the overall award winner gets chosen, I thought I best hot foot it around the show to find out who and why the 10 winners have won those rather snazzy awards.

1. Ta’Or Box supplied by Daro

After speaking to and having a demonstration by the team, it was great to see just how easy this wooden drawer box can go together in less than 60 seconds. This product could potentially be a game changer for the industry, in just its ease of assembly and time saving.

Ta'Or Daro

2.Fennel Samson Adjustable Folding Cabinet leg

After walking up to this stand with rather a confused look on my face, it was good to hear from the Fennel team why this innovation has come about (obviously I am not up on the problems we can have with cabinet legs!). It was interesting to hear that this solution can be fitted in production and just adjusted on site, this then alleviates the potential issues caused by fitting on the job.

Fennel Samson Adjustable Folding Cabinet Leg

3.SensioSound by Sensio

Sensio have come up with this ingenious product, whereby SensioSound can bring you both light and sound in one. As was mentioned on stand, this has come about to try and make your kitchen space a little bit simpler, as you have no need for a separate speaker and it can all be positioned under your wall cabinets.


4.Franke Omni 4-in-1 Tap

Having had a go on one of these taps before the show, I know the benefits of it already. The option on one hand to have both hot and cold water and then on the other to have cold distilled water and boiling hot water. This all in one function makes it a great option for your kitchen.

Franke Omni 4-in-1 tap

5.Vlaze by AJ Wells & Sons Ltd

On this stand it was nice to see what can be done to enamel. This innovate method really makes you look at things a little differently and especially from a cost perspective, as you can get so many different finishes and probably pay less than you would for something else.


6.Bora Basic BFI Cooktop Extractor System

This product begs the question “is this the end of the extractor fan?”, it combines both cooking and extraction in one.


7.Euroline Falmec Piano Surface Mounted Extractor and Hob Combination

Again we have the hob and extraction function, making for a sleek and stylish kitchen fitting.

Euroline Falmec Piano Surface Mounted Extractor and Hob

8.Festool Conturo Edge Bander

This product comes with the tagline “this product provides a factory finish onsite which avoids unnecessary delays to installations”. This for installers is a great product, as it helps them create the finish they want easily.

Festool Conturo Edge Bander

9.Wirquin Quickfit

This product has come about to make a plumbers life easier, as it is easier to fit and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Wirquin Quickfit

10.Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung 

This product lets just say was hard to get close to. As we all know our homes are becoming filled more and more with technology and this refrigerator doesn’t fall short. It has inbuilt cameras to view what is in your fridge remotely and also it has all the functions you can find on your smart phone or device.

Samsung family hub refrigerator

And the winner is…

The winner will be announced at 4pm today in the KBB arena… good luck to you all ūüôā

… Right time to get back to the show and see who wins.


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