KBB 2016: Day 4


So here we are at day 4 and in some ways I am quite sad to see KBB come to a close, but my feet on the other hand will be very relieved. It has been an absolutely fantastic couple of days, there has been a real buzz in the air with the amount of people at the show and with who has been exhibiting. I think from a personal level it is great to see that the economy is picking up and the show has attracted more businesses and people. However without wanting to put too much of a dampener on it, the EU referendum and the in or out decision is an uncertainty that is in the air.


From those seminars on day 1 and the Keynote Interview with Kitchens International today, we can definitely see that we have a few emerging trends within the market. The smaller houses and multi generation living I would say is something we are all thinking about more and more. Making the most out of the space we have got, seems to be a key focus and also ease of use. Again we have that question of drawers or doors? I may out of purely work related business have to go back to Blum today for a final go on that game, and try and get drawers this time round. As I must say you forget how difficult it can be to get into the back of a cupboard, plus I might win myself an apple watch… then again I may not.

As we have seen on The Kitchen Think already this year and through the course of the tweets posted over the last few days, your kitchen space is changing. It can now be merged with your garden, to get indoor/ outdoor living. Also as seen on the Kuhlmann stand, there is a trend for actually hiding away the kitchen altogether.

Kuhlmann 1

Kuhlmann 2

Around the show I can definitely see that the trend is for a neutral kitchen, the more stands I go round the more I see of the creams and greys. I want to try and go back to the Masterclass stand this afternoon, to take a picture of their lovely navy blue kitchen. However all in all there are some fantastic displays out there…

Bauformat Kuchen

Bauformat Kuchen



Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel

And some fantastic storage solutions, my favourite being the SPACE TOWER that is shown on the Blum stand.



Having seen the innovation award winners yesterday, walking around the show almost constantly for the last 4 days and attending the conferences. I can safely say that I am intrigued by what the next few years will bring, what will the situation be when it is KBB 2018? will the “Grey Consumer” still have a majority of the spending power? or will the “Millenials” take some of it back?

Overall though great show, great experience and now I need to go home for a rest (maybe after one more look around).

Hope you have enjoyed the KBB experience with me and hopefully I will be back again when it comes to KBB 2018.

Lisa Robinson is signing off and soon putting her feet up.

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