Kitchen Design Degree Course Gets Thumbs Up From Sponsors & Students


The Kitchen Design Foundation Degree course at Buckinghamshire New University is soon to enter its fourth year. With three cohorts currently passing through, both sponsors and students give it the thumbs up and recommend it to the wider kitchen industry.

A member of The Kitchen Education Trust, Egger is the co-sponsor of a student at Optiplan Kitchens. Nick McClughin, Head of Marketing at Egger, commented, “Egger wanted to show its support for our industry. Although there may not necessarily be any direct tangible benefit to us, we understand that there are proactive businesses looking to increase their internal design competence, and so we wanted to open it up to our customer base and give them the opportunity to put someone forward who would really benefit from a professional educational qualification. Optiplan, the co-sponsor of their nominee Scott Lashbook, was our company of choice.“

Mc Clughin continues, “We wanted to put something back, and as part of our involvement, early on I gave a trend based talk to the students. We firmly believe that the overall idea of improving levels of competence in the industry is a good thing.”

Scott Lashbrook from Optiplan is the student the company is co-sponsoring with Egger. Scott is a Small Order Coordinator for Optiplan, which has a network of 16 showrooms. Scott says, “The Home Décor Group, owners of Optiplan, are investors in their people and strongly believe in bringing them through the organisation.  I was selected to participate in the course to increase my design capabilities and gain as much knowledge as possible about the kitchen industry as a whole. Once completed I believe I will have gained a breadth of knowledge in different sectors within the kitchen industry, and this will enhance my career prospects so that I can move on to other things, it could be surveying, designing or marketing, there are lots of opportunities for me to pursue.

The course has opened my eyes into how kitchens are changing, both how we see them as a space within the home and how we utilise their features. Although the course is called ‘Kitchen Design’ it goes far deeper than that, for example my first assignment was on services into the home, where I was required to do in-depth research into laws and legislation for gas/ water/ electricity and WiFi. We are well guided to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to the way we think about designing for the future. “

“I recommend the course to anyone who is looking to build his or her future in the industry. I’m enjoying it and I look forward to the paths it takes me down and the doors it will open in the industry.”


Students attending lecture on residential weekend


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