Kitchen Journeys: Crafting the Kitchen


At this point in her journey, Celia was feeling the emotional strain of having her home unsettled for such a long period of time. Dodging builders, clearing dust and living in a small space required a great deal of patience. However, with the kitchen order complete and its arrival the wait suddenly felt worth it. Now, the reality of how the kitchen really looked would meet the expectations that were raised at the beginning of the journey. Whilst modern technology allows us to see 3D models of our kitchens, we still won’t know what our kitchen will really look like until it is physically fitted.

Celia had a relatively good idea of how her kitchen would look based on the designs she received with her quotations and when she laid the kitchen out at the Blum Test Drive. She could physically build her kitchen in Blum UK’s test drive room with the help of their kitchen experts. It allowed her to see how large her central kitchen island unit would be, where the range would sit and how much space she would have to walk between the units. This gave Celia the confidence to make decisions on the size of her island and really understand how to use the space in her kitchen intelligently.

Her temporary living space was gone downstairs to make way for the new kitchen. Celia created a living space in one of the spare bedrooms in her home on the first floor for herself and David to spend time in whilst the building work was ongoing.

During her kitchen journey, Celia recommended the importance of working with people you have a good rapport with and feel confident working with. Throughout her kitchen being built she had confidence in her own chosen fitting company. They had already been involved in most of the building work already. That meant she could organise the fitting of her kitchen directly rather than rely on the kitchen supplier’s fitters and their schedules.

Celia didn’t order anything particularly bespoke as she was looking for a functional kitchen and didn’t want to weigh it down with what she felt were unnecessary extras.  If you are having something niche put into your kitchen or you are ordering a specific marble from a specific country you will find that your kitchen may not be fitted as quickly as you hoped. This is all down to compromise and if you are willing to wait. Celia waited and extended the time she spent looking for her perfect kitchen and whilst it was difficult to and (at times maddening) to have that process delayed, at least she could see that her kitchen was being built exactly the way she wanted it.

When the kitchen is being fitted it can feel like both a blessing and a curse. Celia found that this was there was a whirlwind of activity with the plumbing, electrics and the actual kitchen fitting itself. During this part of the journey it can feel like you are sitting back and watching without the ability to interact or help. Celia could watch the cabinets being installed, see the appliances and the worktops being fitted but it was very much as an observer.  While the kitchen is being fitted it can feel like the end of the journey is just within reach and yet still so far away. There are always unexpected delays with this part of the kitchen. Luckily for Celia, most of her delays came during the building of the extension to house the kitchen rather than the fitting of the kitchen itself.

The key thing about watching the kitchen itself being built was that it was a short-term pain for long term gain. The mess, the noise and the lack of space were all compromises as part of the journey to a better kitchen.  This is the final hurdle before what feels like the end of a long journey.

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