Kitchen Journeys:  Deciding the Destination


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When you decide to extend or replace your kitchen you begin a journey. You start with the idea and ends when the new kitchen has been finished. The journey is a rewarding one, but the road is paved with challenges. Many people don’t consider when building a new kitchen that it can be a surprisingly emotional process. There are hundreds of decisions to be made, the threat and reality of delays, compromises, the excitement of watching something new being built and the reward at the end of a brand-new kitchen. Even when the kitchen is fitted and most of the building work done there will always be lights which need refitting, handles replaced, or doors readjusted.

Kitchen Kitchen

Celia and David started their kitchen journey in August in Stamford, Lincolnshire and allowed us to follow them through the process. They began their journey with the plan to extend their home. This included a brand-new kitchen, living space, a snug, garage and study. The planned extension transforms the entirety of the ground floor. One of the key areas of the house undergoing the most drastic of transformations is the kitchen. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and this is true. We spend much of our lives in the kitchen and it is where we entertain friends and family.

Plans old Plans

Celia’s reason for the extension was because she wanted the home, they had in Stamford to be their forever home. She wanted a space to live comfortably in without feeling the need to have to move again. They wanted to create a new social space for entertaining guests especially when their four children; Rosie, Lucy, Bob and Will (all in their twenties with partners) visited the family home. Before the extension the space downstairs did not cater for her and David’s large family, nor did it feel like an intimate space or personal to them. A new extended living space, complete with brand new kitchen, would hopefully tick all the boxes!

Living Room

Celia decided to extend the living space before she had a final kitchen design. David and Celia knew the space they wanted for the extension and had decided on a rough idea of how the kitchen should look. Her talented daughter Rosie drew up the architectural plans for the new house adding a unique personal touch to the build. The main kitchen at the front of the house will be completely removed and transformed into a study space. The kitchen will then be moved more centrally in the home. They included a U-shaped kitchen design at the start of the decision-making process, but this was not set in stone.  It was still the beginning of Celia and David’s dream for their kitchen.


Although the kitchen design wasn’t complete, and a supplier hadn’t been found, Celia did have an idea of what she wanted for her kitchen.  She wanted an island, a place for a wine cooler and to keep the original range cooker. The island would act as a prep station and social space.  Celia wanted the kitchen to be where the previous living room used to be. She didn’t want the kitchen at the far end of the house, where the doors faced out onto the garden, because then the shared living room would feel like a corridor leading to the kitchen whenever anyone walked through to fetch a drink or a snack. The old living space was ideal for a kitchen but not ideal for the type of social room she needed for a large family.   

Celia loved the idea of a white, gloss kitchen, however, she compromised to grey as David preferred a kitchen with more colour. Part of the decision-making process in the beginning of the journey required compromise. Kitchens are a shared living space and decisions being made aren’t just down to an individual’s taste when you are living as a family.

Despite all the solid decisions, there were still many more to be made and that meant that whilst building work on the extension began around them the kitchen design and who would supply it was still up for debate.  This wasn’t a problem as they had plenty to be getting on with!

The diggers began laying the groundwork and the extension started.



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