Kitchen Journeys: Enjoying the End


Celia’s journey began with uncertainty. In the beginning there was no new kitchen design, only a rough idea and a desire for a more social family home.  Finally, the journey had come to an end… almost!

This was the first time we got a good look at Celia and David’s new kitchen extension.  Celia felt despite some of the earlier delays at the beginning of the project overall her journey with the kitchen was a positive one. Celia endured frustrations however,  this only made the results feel so much more satisfying.

The new kitchen added a whole new social area, just what they wanted. Despite the large space, the décor and the natural light made the kitchen and the living room feel cosy. One of the design elements she compromised on at the beginning of her journey stands out as one of the best features. Rather than a stark white kitchen, the soft grey tones and granite worktops give the room a great depth of warmth and character.

The open plan means that the person cooking in the kitchen isn’t locked away from social gatherings, but the kitchen is tucked into the house enough for it to feel like its own space.  Decorations that were moved and boxed away had appeared on the walls, like the wooden clock that David is fond of, were back and ticking. Although the kitchen was brand new it was already beginning to feel “lived in”.

As we sat and reminisced about the journey that Celia had taken to get to the kitchen of her dreams we spoke about how it seemed like a long time since the start of her journey. It is surprising how time flies. The biggest challenge Celia faced over the course of the journey was the lack of space as the kitchen was being fitted and living with builders moving in and out of her private space.

There are still parts which are missing from the initial fitting and details to be ironed out. The space tower still needed to be fitted and the dust strips in the cupboards had to be taken out because they weren’t allowing the cupboard doors to close. Like with every journey, not everything is smooth sailing. Celia was prepared for this. She knew that with extensions there will be settlement cracks, painting and components which might not meet the spec or need readjusting. How she stays positive is knowing that this is all part of owning and enjoying a home. Not all decisions are set in stone. If you remain calm and don’t treat time as your enemy then the little hassles won’t bother you.   Luckily, Celia’s kitchen suppliers were quick to communicate, and Celia had confidence in both her supplier and her kitchen fitters to resolve issues quickly.

Whilst one journey may (nearly!) be over with the kitchen in place, other journeys are starting as the garden needs to be landscaped, the old kitchen ripped out and the garage installed.  Seeing the kitchen fitted really put into perspective how big a change a new kitchen can be to a home. Celia and David’s original goal for their journey, their “destination”, was to have a richer social space and a kitchen that fitted with their idea for a “forever home”.  They both agreed that the journey and the experiences it brought were not wasted.

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