Kitchen Journeys: Preparing to Pack


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What started Celia and David on their journey was an agreement that they needed more space. The idea to have a new kitchen came after their decision to extend their home. There is no right or wrong way to tackle an extension. Some people would prefer the kitchen design set and a potential supplier in place before they designed the extension, but this depends entirely on the project and personal preference. Celia made the decision on the extension first as she felt the kitchen design needed to fit with the new space rather than the other way around. The extension was not just about the kitchen but the whole home. At the start of the journey the extension’s plans were drafted and signed off, planning permission was obtained, and the building work had begun. It was time to get packing up the house and deciding on the kitchen!

Celia knew that new kitchens weren’t easy to design. Both Celia and David have had experience in roles managing companies making important decisions, but the emotional and personal nature of this kitchen project meant that decisions felt harder to make. Hundreds of decisions needed to be made on the kitchen alone and, on top of those decisions, Celia had to make more about the rest of extension. Celia’s expectations for the kitchen projects timeline was flexible. She was aware that the decisions she would make might change. What if a decision was made and she ended up with a kitchen she hated? All the decisions we need to make at the beginning of our journey can be overwhelming and that can delay the design.
This can lead to us settling for something which is available instead of what we really want because what we really want will take time. For example, we might rush to buy a new sofa before Christmas and, instead of picking the one we really want, we pick one from the sale because we know it will arrive ‘on time’. We forget what we want is worth waiting for; especially now we are in the era of next day delivery, instant messaging and can fly across the world in a day.

So, whilst Celia was tackling the decision making on her kitchen, the first part of the building work began with the extension to the living space and dining area. To ensure that no furniture needed to be moved until the last minute the builders began digging up the back garden and laying down the foundations for the extended space without making any changes to the existing exterior of the building.

Celia organised her extension, so the building work happened in a short space of time and allowed her to keep her existing kitchen. She could store most of her furniture in other rooms within the house whilst the building work was going on. If this is not an option for you, there are many ways you can arrange for furniture to be stored. You can re-arrange other rooms to fit in furniture. You can keep bulkier items in the garage or attic, if well covered, or rent out a storage space temporarily.

Whilst there was good deal of optimism that the building work wouldn’t impact her life too heavily, Celia was aware that the more the building work began to encroach further into the house the more frustrating it might become, especially as the building work would be constant for several months! This part of the journey comes with accepting that there will be upheaval whilst the extension was being built and the kitchen fitted.

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