Kitchen Journeys: Reviewing the Route


Celia and David’s christened their new kitchen with a party in April as their son Bob turned 21 years old. They hired a professional chef to come in and prepare a feast. They had a great time making good use of their new kitchen, with the range cooker and the island providing an excellent base of operations for the chef to impress with her culinary skills. The menu was designed for chilly winter weather but we had an abnormally hot week in April. This was not a problem as it meant Celia and David could throw open the new bifold doors onto the newly turfed garden.

The menu worked wonderfully. They enjoyed a warm soup starter, a hot, tasty rack of lamb as the main course and (the best part!) a dessert of warm sticky toffee pudding. Overall fourteen people stayed over in Celia and David’s home and enjoyed the feast. The family gathering was a success with the brand-new kitchen and it was the first time Celia and David’s children had seen the completed extension since it had been built. They could not believe the difference in space and commented that it looked like a whole new house. The change was dramatic.

Rosie, Celia and David’s daughter, was especially pleased to see the work that had taken place given that she had been the one to originally have a hand in designing the plans for the extension as she trains to be an Architect. This was a great contribution from a family member and really added a personal touch to the new family home. They filled up all the bedrooms and had “put-me-up beds” in the study and office so they could have everyone sleeping over. They had plenty of room and found that the weather was so good that they spent most of the weekend with their bifold doors open onto the garden. They have managed to make good use of the social space and pizza oven.

On reflection Celia said now she is using the new kitchen more it had finally sunk in how much better the new space is for her and her family. Even the little things which had changed in her kitchen made a big difference to her like how the bin was hidden away in the island, the organisation of the cutlery dividers and drawer dividers made her pan and pot drawer far more organised.

Despite delays, the project has gone well and created a great sociable family home. Celia wouldn’t change a thing.

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