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A more cost effective, eco friendly alternative to other outdated solutions, LEDs are undoubtedly the future when it comes to lighting the kitchen, but what can we expect from LED technology in the coming years? Myths such as the misconception that LED’s give off a cold, clinical light have already been expelled with developments in LED technology providing lighting solutions which emit a ‘warm white’ yellow glow, but advancements like this, I can assure you, are just the tip of the iceberg.

With more and more people realising the benefits of installing LED solutions in the kitchen, lighting specialists are excitedly devising new and innovative solutions that make our day to day lives more convenient, allowing the kitchen to be a multi-functional area of the home where cooking and cleaning can take place, and also a place where social occasions can be enjoyed.

So how will the lighting industry develop in the coming years? Firstly, we can expect outdated lighting solutions to gradually be phased out which will lead to LEDs becoming the only lighting option available on the market. For this reason, we’re sure to see some exciting new concepts available on the market. Diffused LEDs are just one development in LED technology that’s already available. Light sources like this give off a much brighter light than outdated alternatives, making the kitchen a safer environment and also allowing tasks to be carried out more efficiently.

Lighting will become more interactive in the years to come too. Some of the top lighting specialists in the UK have already developed remotes which enable every aspect of the lighting in a kitchen to be controlled at the touch of a button, so in due course there will be no need for ugly switches dotted about the kitchen.

Integrated lighting solutions  will appear in more and more homes...

Integrated lighting solutions will appear in more and more homes…

The trend for minimalist living will also mean that integrated lighting solutions which can be incorporated into furniture in the kitchen will appear in more and more homes. Such fittings not only enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen, they also enable it to be a more convenient space, once again making life that little bit easier.

Without a doubt, we’re going to witness lots of developments in lighting technology in the years to come and the interest from consumers is sure to steer manufacturers and designers of LED lighting in the right direction.

Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit or call 0845 0340780

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Michael Linsky Managing Director of Sensio UK
Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit or call 0845 0340780

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