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Are you fed-up with your kitchen? Have you been over- exposed to Pinterest and decided the hub of your home is unbearably drab? Are you suffering from an acute case of kitchen envy? Well thankfully there is no need to rip it all out and start again. A few quick changes and your kitchen can feel like new again!

It is not surprising that we get tired of our kitchens. Research shows that we spend on average 5.9 hours a week in the kitchen just cooking and that does not include the general living and socializing that goes on in the same space.

But if the idea of a total kitchen overhaul makes you want to weep, despair not – a few quick changes can make your kitchen feel like new again.

The first most basic change is a quick lick of paint. Think about painting your kitchen cabinets rather than the walls. Colour can make or break a room. It plays a big part in how your kitchen looks, and whether you realise it or not, how it can make you feel. To give the impression of more space, keep things light and airy by opting for pale, neutral or soft pastel tones. Whilst a dark palette will make an interior look smaller than it really is, clean white walls will reflect the light and create a bright and breezy aesthetic.

Free standing Shaker style Dresser painted in the soft pastel tone of French Grey by Farrow & Ball

Free standing Shaker style Dresser painted in the soft pastel tone of French Grey by Farrow & Ball

If you want to introduce other colours, choose one or two accent shades to use sparingly around the room. But remember to keep things simple; don’t introduce a rainbow of different shades, as this will make it appear visually busy and crowded. If you have a smaller kitchen go for soft, pastel colours .If you have a larger space opt for bolder shades or perhaps an accent colour for contrast.

If you feel your kitchen is a bit cluttered how about re-working your storage. It can make an instant difference to a room if everything is tidied away. Look for wicker or wire baskets, kilner jars are very on trend and perhaps add a couple of new shelves to help clear your works-tops. If you have the height, ceiling racks and shaker hooks are ideal and can make a visual feature of your clutter!

Wicker Baskets

Light, or lack of it, can drastically affect the appearance of any interior. To make your kitchen look bigger let in as much natural light as possible, whether through standard windows or a skylight overhead. When it comes to window coverings, choose light gauzy or netted curtains over thick drapes or heavy blinds. Another way to brighten your kitchen is to add something new. Copper is a big trend at the moment and a vase, candle holder or even a copper pan can instantly bring a bit of life to the room. If you have enough space and light, bring the outside-in and start growing your own herbs – they look great and are on hand for cooking.

Racing Green AGAAntique copper kettle and candlestick

Antique copper kettle and candlestick adds a vintage touch to this Racing Green AGA / vintage brass cookware adding an olde worlde touche

And last but not least, to really make your kitchen feel refreshed why not invest in some new kitchen chairs or Island stools. There is no doubt that well-chosen pieces can transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

The eclectic look is ever popular in home décor, and an easy way to follow the trend is to mix and match your kitchen chairs. Often seen in vintage style bistros and cafes, it can also be done with contemporary designs in a variety of ways. Pairing different chairs forms a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, allowing you to create a kitchen dining area with character and personality, which is something you don’t always get with a matching set.

The key to achieving successful mismatched style is to select chairs with one common element, this could be shape, design, colour, or material, but doing so will keep some consistency in your dining area.

The Designer Doodle Pick ‘N’ Mix Collection from Cheeky Chairs is based on the Jon Burgerman iconic Frooty Tooty fabric. This handcrafted collection of cute kitchen dining chairs and bar stools is available to mix’n’match in 9-bold colours with each seat traditionally upholstered in Burgerman’s Frooty Tooty fabric. A set of these will certainly bring a splash of colour to any kitchen table or breakfast bar

Cheeky Chairs

Source: Cheeky Chairs

The Designer Doodle Pick 'N' Mix

Another option is to opt for kitchen chairs in a Retro style. Retro style is bold and bright, with primary and pastel colours taking centre stage. Shades of red, orange, green and purple are fabulously chic, but they’re not for the faint hearted. If you’re not quite brave enough for bold block coloured walls, a set of beautifully bright kitchen stools to contrast against a neutral breakfast bar will do just as well.

Padded Crescent Bar Stool

Source: Atlantic Shopping

Other pointers to bear in mind are if you are trying to create a relaxed look pick low backed chairs. Not only are they more practical for a kitchen, low backed chairs are often more comfortable for children. This industrial inspired Brunel Dining Chair is solid black washed steel and benefits from visible, exposed hardware to bring home the real industrial look.

Brunel Dining Chair

Source: Out and Our Original

Finally, if you do decide to invest in some new kitchen chairs or island stools, here are 5 Must-Ask questions:

1. Are the chairs the right height for the table they’ll be matched to? You can assume they are if they’re sold as a set but if you’re buying them separately, you need to check measurements carefully. Dining and kitchen tables tend to have a standard height of 75cm, but not all will, so check first.
2. Have you bought the right number of chairs? If space in the room is tight and you’ll regularly only use four chairs, why not buy two or more foldaway or stackable chairs and store them somewhere handy? That way, you’ll keep the room feeling as spacious as possible while still having enough seating when you need it.
3. Will the chairs come ready-assembled or will you need to assemble them at home? Ask before you buy.
4. How are the chairs sold? Some chairs are sold as a set or in pairs, others are sold singly.
5. Is there a guarantee? Find out how long the chairs you buy are guaranteed for before you buy.

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