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There’s a good reason why the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” resonates. A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without a sink, and it is arguably the most-used feature in any home. When you consider the tasks it performs and its central place in domestic activities, you realise that selecting the seemingly humble sink is a process that needs careful consideration.

Corian deep colour kitchen

Kitchen by Amini, further credits below*

Key considerations for any kitchen sink must be ease of cleaning, shape and ease of installation. At CDUK we’ve responded to demand for hard-wearing, good-looking, affordable sinks by producing our Avante range of kitchen sinks that combines the flexibility and aesthetics of Corian® with a quality stainless steel base. The non-porous, smooth and durable nature of Corian® is ideal for the kitchen, ensuring hygienic food preparation, while the stainless steel base is heat-proof, making it suitable for hot containers and boiling water taps. Available off the shelf in a variety of shapes and seamlessly blending with the surrounding work surface, this clever solution brings both durability and desirability into everyone’s budget.

Avante GW Duo

Avante GW Duo

Avante offers seven sinks of varying sizes and shapes, available in three variations of white as stock. All integrate perfectly with matching Corian® worktops, offering designers a continuous surface that delivers a sensational and practical look. Technical innovations include sound elimination coating and anti-vibration pad, built-in overflow system and slim overflow hole with anti-blocking Corian® strip. Each sink has a 12mm thick Corian® wall with double-sided reinforced strips that ensure maximum strength in the seamless joints.

Avante VW Duo

Avante VW Duo

If you want more individual touches in your kitchen, then Corian® has the answer. Your designer can work with an accredited Quality Network installer to create the perfect sink solution in the kitchen of your dreams. A traditional farmhouse sink looks great, but, the worktop must be designed specifically to accommodate it. That’s not a problem with Corian®, as the material is infinitely formable to any size or shape. In a small kitchen you can use Corian® to help you get the most of your space by installing a corner sink. The flexibility of Corian® makes it easy to create seamless surfaces, with no lips or rims, allowing you to use every inch of space, and if you need more than one bowl, you can choose the size and shape – even kidney shaped if you love curves not corners.

Designers and manufacturers understand the importance of the sink in kitchen design, using sinks in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and helping you by including accessories such as cutting boards, utensil trays, drying racks and colanders. Your designer will help you decide between a single or double bowl and what additional features like boiling water taps and waste disposal units you may need. So don’t make your decisions about “everything but the kitchen sink” – put the sink at the heart of your planning, and make a beloved feature out of your most functional item.

* Image Credits are:

Kitchen by Amini, design by Amini Raumkonzepte and Objektdesign; photo N. Kazakov for DuPont™ Corian®. All rights reserved on design and photo.

The worktop of the kitchen is made from Deep Night Sky Corian®, produced using DeepColour™ Technology.

The (vertical) cladding of doors and drawers etc. is made from Deep Espresso Corian®, produced using DeepColour™ Technology.

Table – The top of the table is made from Deep Sable Corian®, produced using DeepColour™ Technology.

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