Kitchen Trends 2017: Mixing Metals


With 2017 now firmly arrived, one of the hottest design trends on the horizon is metal – and mixed metals in particular. Kitchens have undoubtedly become the heart of the home – a space to cook and eat, entertain friends and share with your family. As a consequence, a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal is now as important as its functionality, especially as many modern kitchen areas incorporate an open plan element, transitioning seamlessly with other living areas.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading part of your kitchen or are contemplating a complete remodel, have a look at these top tips to help you can incorporate the new trend for metal into your kitchen design.

Subtle and understated metals


Sleek and glossy finishes have enjoyed huge popularity for many years but, in 2017, more subtle and less look-at-me materials are finding their voice. No more mirror chrome and polished stainless steel; brushed and matte finishes, bare plaster walls, exposed brick, and textured natural materials offer a new, fresh look that adds subtle depth and structure.

Look for deep bronze fixtures, fittings and lighting in lieu of bright, shiny metals. Utilitarian stainless steel worktops provide a chic industrial element that channels honesty and daily use rather than showroom presentation. Of course, the other advantage of stainless steel kitchen worktops is the scratchy surface, meaning it’s not too precious and can be maintained effortlessly.

Metal kitchen cabinets


Until recently, the use of metal in kitchens was typically reserved for fixtures, fittings and accessories such as knobs, handles and lighting products, and of course kitchen appliances. Now, however, metal is starting to make inroads into kitchen furniture manufacturing too.

Metal kitchen units have a uniquely ultra-modern look that is hard to pinpoint, nor be matched with other types of cabinets. It’s what 2017 is all about.

In fact, metal has several benefits compared to other types of materials for kitchen units. Metal kitchen cabinets are a doddle to clean and look after, and they won’t need to be replaced as frequently. Able to easily cope with damage, steam and water, metal as a material offers a longer term solution for your kitchen.

Copper accents


Having been an up and coming trend last year, copper in the kitchen is now here to stay in a big way. Copper shelving is already used increasingly to create a modern look, but this year will see a big move towards copper in many more accent designs for your kitchen. As people are moving away from the ubiquitous stainless steel, copper seems to offer a suitable, effective and aesthetically exciting alternative.

Not only is copper highly durable, but its rustic style is ideal for both traditional and modern kitchen schemes. Think beyond copper shelving – copper handles, lighting, accessories and even appliances will start appearing more and more to dominate kitchen trends in 2017 and beyond.

Copper works exceedingly well with this year’s colour palettes of simple neutrals, greys and earthy tones, setting them off beautifully and adding a fresh aesthetic, compared to yesterday’s preference for stainless steel and black.

Mixed metals


In 2017, all metal is good. As per info from the gorgeous German kitchen designers, Halcyon Interiors website, Yellow toned metal finishes such as gold and brass have been popular for some time, while white metal finishes such as stainless steel, chrome and pewter are perennial kitchen favourites. The mantra for this year seems to be: mix your metals – it’s all good.

Popular American interior designer Vern Yip explains: ‘The hardware in your kitchen is sort of like the jewelry, and you can have fun adding that bit of bling. Changing your hardware is a nice way to update the kitchen without having to change the cabinets.’

Feel free to mix your metal accents. A light fixture can be different from your cupboard handles; appliances don’t need to be uniformly brushed steel. Mix-and-match accessories are an easy way to give quirky, individual results. By using a variety of materials including stainless steel, gold, copper and pewter, you end up with an eclectic, one-of-a-kind space that is personal to you.

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