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Sensio LED Sliding Door Wardrobe - Battery

We all have those dark areas in the home that could just do with a bit more light. Areas where it’s not possible to put a lamp or to easily wire in a light fitting. And whilst it may be considered a real first world issue, it’s nevertheless a niggle and it’s certainly a problem that’s likely to grow the older we get.

The problem can surface in any room in the home, it may be a kitchen cupboard or large drawer that is particularly dark, the requirement for a night light or even a feature you’d like to highlight. We hear many comments about needing subtle task lighting in the bedroom as one partner invariably gets up before the other and then tries to find clothes in the dark especially during the winter months.

A solution to this problem already exists – battery powered lights don’t require a qualified electrician to install, meaning they can be fitted by anyone and easy to retrofit. Some battery powered lights in the past had poor brightness and they needed new batteries very regularly. They proved to be weak and expensive to run and many of us just stopped using them. But technology has moved on in the world of lighting and now you can buy LED lithium-ion battery light fittings that last so much longer, give a powerful beam of light and are rechargeable without even moving the fitting! They come in a choice of sizes and shapes to suit lots of different situations. They are particularly suitable for the bathroom where wiring can be an expensive solution and are traditionally rooms quite often starved of natural light.


Sensio Prisma

Sensio Prisma

Battery lights are now available with PIR sensors too that can detect movement so that they switch on and off automatically. If the light is inside a cupboard it will come on automatically when the door is opened and will then switch off when the door is closed and there has been a set amount of time with no movement. This is also incredibly useful if there are children in the home. They can be set to come on when someone enters the bathroom or bedroom to cast a beam of light across the floor. A welcome light for children and even guests to your home.


Check out the Sensio range of LED Lithium-ion battery lighting. They are really easy to maintain and each fitting can run for up to 6 months without needing to be re-charged (based on 2.5 minutes usage per day). When the fitting does need recharging it simply means connecting a pluggable USB charger into the back of the fitting and running the 5m cable, that comes with each fitting, into the nearest socket USB outlet.

Sensio Solus Spot light

Sensio Solus Spot light

The Sensio collection has a selection of light fittings that are battery operated. They include ALTO, an LED wardrobe rail light in a choice of lengths up to 1162mm, INCLINE strip light in a number of lengths up to 950mm, SOLUS an 80mm circular spot light, PRISMA a 78mm square spot light, MIMAS a 200mm strip and ORION a 200mm light designed to throw light across the floor when you get out of bed or ideal for illuminating a bathroom floor for guests and small children.

Sensio Orion

Sensio Orion

All lights come with an integrated PIR sensor that automatically switches the light on with movement (or when the cupboard door is open) and remains on for 30 seconds and then switches off to ensure there’s no power wastage. They are also complete with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, require no electrical installation and have a run time in excess of 6 months based on 2.5 minutes of use per day. The charging time is on average 5.5 hours with a standard USB charger although the LEDs have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.


Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions, established in 2007, specialise in providing the latest technology in high quality lighting solutions to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market. Based in Yorkshire, the company design and develop inspiring lighting products for the UK and selected export markets. They sell their products through KBB Retailers nationwide.

For further details contact Sensio on 01977-522020 or visit www.sensio.co.uk

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