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Kitchen lighting has developed tremendously in the previous decade or so and an increasing number of homeowners are coming to appreciate the importance of selecting the correct lighting for the space.

It’s only appropriate therefore, that I do my best to keep you all up to speed and explore some of the main lighting trends of the moment…

1)   Multi-functional kitchen lighting:

Commonly referred to as the ‘hub of the home’, kitchens are now much more than just a purely functional space, they are a gathering point for families and a room in which to entertain guests. For this reason, it’s necessary to combine a mixture of task lighting and mood lighting solutions into the kitchen lighting scheme to enable the space to be used for various different purposes.

Sensio's Surface Aluminium Profile

Sensio’s Surface Aluminium Profile provides task lighting for any area of the kitchen and is available in ‘warm white’ or ‘cool white’ colour temperatures

Task lighting should be installed under cabinets as it will emit a bright beam of light which makes food preparation easier and safer and softer mood-lighting will give the room ambiance for social occasions. When incorporating the two together, you have a winning combination!

2) LED Kitchen Lighting:

LED lighting is the big trend in the lighting industry. With everyone becoming increasingly aware of the effects of global warming and, of course, with the recession meaning homeowners need to invest in cost-effective products, LED’s are becoming more and more popular.

In comparison to halogen bulbs, the low wattage of LED’s means that when used, energy consumption is significantly reduced. This results in electricity bills being significantly lower and, best of all, there is no compromise when it comes to the strength of the light that’s emitted. Furthermore, LED lighting lasts for an average of 10 years and so is certainly a worthwhile investment. Let’s not forget, it also doesn’t produce harmful UV or IR rays.

3) Remote controlled kitchen lighting:

Remote controlled lighting is another innovation that’s appearing in more and more kitchens nowadays. There’s no longer a need for various switches to be dotted about the kitchen, instead, creating a well-organised and seamless space where the lighting controls are hidden away is something many homeowners desire to achieve.

Sensio's  RGB Remote Control

Control your kitchen lighting and create the effect that’s desired with Sensio’s RGB Remote Control

With remote controlled lighting, users can program the remote to control one specific area of the kitchen, or even multiple areas at the same time. Dimming switches incorporated into a remote control design also allow users to adjust their lighting to the perfect light level.

Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit or call 0845 0340780

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Michael Linsky Managing Director of Sensio UK
Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit or call 0845 0340780

  Email:  Michael Linsky


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