Living Kitchen Show 2013


Well, what can I say about the Living Kitchen Show in Cologne?! Let me start at the beginning, as I usually find that it’s best to do this.

‘It was a cold January morning, snow was in the air. A young and hansom retail services manager for Blum was waiting for transportation. Somewhere in the distance an Owl hooted …’

OK, maybe this is a little too dramatic for a furniture show and we need to fast forward a little to when I arrive at the Koelnmesse…

Living Kitchen Show 2013

My overall opinion of the show is a good one. Easy to get to, and arrange tickets for entry. The show was split approximately 40% appliance manufacturers, 40% kitchen manufacturers and 20% everything else (sinks/taps/worktops/glass etc…)

The appliance stands were massive, minimalistic and focused on innovation, exhibiting current and future developments.

With regards to the kitchen manufacturers, all the major European players were all there – Alno, nolte, Rational, Warendorf, Schuller, nobilia to name but a few. The overall theme of this part of the show shouted ‘CONTEMPORARY IS HERE!’. Well, it certainly seems to be the trend for the foreseeable future.

The majority of the stands exhibited slab doors with the majority being completely handless and utilising either Blum’s electrical Servo-drive or mechanical Tip-on drawer opening technology.

Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Display 1 Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Display 2

I would definitely say when it came to the aesthetics of the displays, lighting and texture played a huge part in creating the overall look. It was obvious from the first right through to last display that quality time was spent in getting the whole package right.

Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Display 3 Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Display 4 Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Display 5

Whilst we are on the subject of ‘the whole package’, it’s definitely time to mention worktops; I don’t actually remember seeing any granite on display, in addition to this I don’t remember seeing any 30 or 40mm tops either. Everything was either ultra thin at 12mm or big and chunky up to 100mm! In my opinion this was another aspect of current trend on the marketplace, and when mixed on a display the effect was perfect.

Living Kitchen Show Kitchen Worktop Display

My personal favourite display at the Living Kitchen show was presented by Warendorf. As I strolled towards the back of the stand I was greeted by what I can only describe as an aged copper clad monolith. A number of other visitors to the show were pushing fronts and trying to work out what it did, but to no avail.

Once the crowd of onlookers were suitable perplexed a young lady turned the thing on, and opened up the front. Behind the façade was a complete working kitchen, with a Blum Space-Tower at one end and an integrated fridge Freezer at the other. Along its length were various pullouts to provide more than adequate storage for a family.

Warendorf display at Living Kitchen Show 2013 1 Warendorf display at Living Kitchen Show 2013 2 Warendorf display at Living Kitchen Show 2013 3

Warendorf display at Living Kitchen Show 2013 4

Warendorf display at Living Kitchen Show 2013 

Continuing with this theme, I also saw a number of other ‘storage wall’ displays on the Warendorf and other stands. The objective seems to be about concealment and clean minimal lines, to which this was accomplished to varying successes. Access was achieved in most cases by either the use of Aventos Servo-Drive in its varying forms or Aventos HK Tip-On.

Living Kitchen wall cabinet display with Aventos 1 Living Kitchen wall cabinet display with Aventos 2

Overall my opinion of the show is a positive one, I would have liked to have seen more innovative and conceptual ideas, but I can’t complain too much as what I was shown has given me a good insight into the next 12 months of kitchen trends.

Well worth a visit!!

I will leave you with some wise words from the show…

Wise words

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