Luxury kitchens – more accessible than you think.


Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities”, but for most of us, life isn’t like that. Designing a dream kitchen for your home is both necessary and fun, not only making your kitchen unique, but incorporating elements that you will love for years to come. You will have to live with your kitchen every day, so why not go luxe and add a new dimension to the most functional room in the house?

Luxury kitchens come at a price, but you can add touches of luxury that won’t bust the budget by choosing eye-catching items, shapes and innovative layouts. We have seen some luxury projects recently that have included superb ideas for walls, worktops and lighting, creating a wow factor that will last.

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Image courtesy of Astounding Interiors

Understanding what is possible will help you make decisions. To deliver the most innovative layouts, you need the right materials. If you want bespoke shapes and curves, DuPont™ Corian®, a unique formulation of minerals and acrylic that is flexible, easily repairable and hard-wearing will surprise you with its infinite possibilities. Want a kidney-shaped worktop for your island unit? No problem with Corian®. Want a spectacular bespoke lighting fixture as a focal point? Again, Corian® is the solution. And all in a choice of more than 90 colours.

Colour itself can be a mark of luxury and if you want to get ahead of the luxury trend in 2016, go with colour for real impact. Earth colours add texture, and colours with translucent qualities work with lighting to change the mood, day and night.

White will never go out of style, and luxury looks mean clean! Corian® is ideal in a white kitchen because it is easy to clean, doesn’t fade or yellow and is seamless, so no nasty grey grooves to deal with. For the most hygienic, non-toxic solution, nonporous, stain-resistant surface materials such as Corian® with low volatile organic compound adhesives and sealants that are nonallergenic to humans give you unrivalled peace of mind.

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Image courtesy of Astounding Interiors

Technology and the internet of things are other elements for consideration, with built-in wireless charging areas a must-have in the kitchen worktop and vital for a home that looks to the future. Corian® is the surface material that has the flexibility to work with any design demand, delivering luxury and lasting quality at a price you can afford, backed by a manufacturers’ warranty and a UK-wide network of specialist fabricators and installers.

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