Make 2016 the year of the kitchen.


How was 2015 for you? Did you install the kitchen of your dreams, or are you still planning to make a big statement next year? We’ve taken a look back at the trends that were prominent this year and we believe that these will become even bigger as manufacturers, designers and installers respond to demand.

New homes developers are recognising that buyers want big kitchens that serve as a hub for cooking, dining and socialising, and where they lead, with accessible showhomes that bring these ideas to life, homeowners looking to refurbish can easily follow.

Contemporary style is at the heart of kitchen design at the moment, with savvy customers demanding the perfect combination of form and function, fitted to the very highest standard and incorporating the best new gadgets and technology. We’ve responded to the growth in installation of professional gadgets such as boiling water taps with innovations of our own, producing a stainless-steel lined Corian® Avante sink, available from stock, that matches its good looks with resistance to the hottest of liquids.


Some of the best designs we have seen this year are those that maximise colours and curves, using Corian® to create great seam-free looks even on feature backsplashes, with surface effects made from our Textura panels. Combined with DuPont™’s new DeepColour™ range, designers can offer the deeper, more intense and durable colours, improved wear performance and finishing that bring high style into the domestic setting.


A new kitchen is a major investment, but get it right and it will pay for itself. With long-lasting, guaranteed quality and skilled installation, a Corian® kitchen from a Quality Network fabricator adds value and perceived worth to the house, having a warranty that passes on to future buyers.

Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps the fastest growing trend of all that we’ve seen this year. Modern homes need to be ready for the labour-saving opportunities that are coming and we now have the DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface that boasts both Qi and Powermat wireless charging hardware to top off power hungry mobile devices placed on futuristic home counters.

Imagination in design is limitless, and this year we have seen the ultimate in maximising space with the advent of inside- out kitchens. As families make the most of their outside space, extending the kitchen outdoors makes a great feature. You can continue your colour and materials scheme all the way out into your garden and the ultra-formable properties of Corian® allow it to be fitted into the natural landscape.

If you’re excited by all these possibilities, but don’t know where to start, work on building a relationship with an independent kitchen design company. They will be networked with the best craftsmen, used to using the best materials and delivering individually specified schemes that impress. Make 2016 the year of the kitchen in your home improvement plans.

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