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A pivotal room of the home, the kitchen is used day in, day out, first thing in the morning, and late at night. With so many different roles to play from being a practical environment to a socialising space, it is important that your kitchen works for you and is as functional as possible. The lighting you choose will significantly affect the usability of your kitchen and implementing a well thought out lighting scheme can enhance its performance.

Lighting can improve the appearance of a kitchen on the outside, but it can also make a difference on the inside too. Installing fittings into your cabinets and drawers will allow you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily as well as helping to keep the space organised.

Sensio's HD LED Drawer Light

Sensio’s HD LED Drawer Light is fitted with a motion sensor so that it automatically turns on and off when the drawer is open and closed

There is now a range of slim and discreet lighting products that can be fitted inside drawers and cabinets, without even knowing they are there. Choosing a product with a built-in sensor will ensure that the light automatically switches on and off when it the cabinet or drawer is open or closed. Alternatively, it is possible to fit an independent sensor if one isn’t built-in to the light fitting to save energy and ensure light doesn’t remain on, when it isn’t needed.

Larder strip lighting

Sensio’s Recessed aluminium profile will bring light to any larder

The larder is often one of the most chaotic areas of the kitchen as we seem to collect endless amounts of tins and jars just in case of a rainy day! It is often hard trying to place your hand on the ingredient you need so installing strip lighting inside the larder onto the front of the carcass will help to illuminate this space.

A kitchen is not just about aesthetics, how it works is equally as important. 

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