Modern lighting options in kitchens


Lighting, either natural or artificial, has always been a pivotal feature in a kitchen’s overall design.

This is probably a result of the way in which kitchens are used as a multipurpose space that you can cook, dine, work and entertain in, making it the most used room in the house. Because of this bright and cheery kitchens with huge windows providing lots of natural light are favoured. When there is a limited amount of natural light however, it becomes the job of the interior designer or architect to think of inventive and effective ways of maximising light within a kitchen and avoid it becoming a gloomy and uninspiring space.

One increasingly popular method of achieving a well lit kitchen is through the use of LED lighting. LEDs are becoming commonplace as a result of their environmentally friendly and economically beneficial features, using 90% less energy and lasting over 13 times longer than halogen bulbs. They are also available in a variety of tones, hues and colour temperatures which opens up a lot of design options and makes them appropriate for almost any style of kitchen. One unique example of using LED lighting is in this sci-fi inspired kitchen where its been used to light up the recesses of the Corian doors to bring extra light to the room.

Sci-Fi inspired kitchen

Sci-Fi your kitchen with LED Lighting 

Under-cabinet lighting is also rising in popularity, offering a low cost and fuss-free way of illuminating kitchens. They instantly eliminate shadows created by wall cabinets by shining light directly onto the worktops beneath them, turning food preparation areas into an easy place to work at any time of day. Under-cabinet lighting is also ideal for those who wish to accent their worktops and backsplashes in order to draw attention to them and achieve a particular look.

There are also some incredibly creative and original ways of filling your kitchen with light that can bring a unique edge to your interior design.

One good example of this can be seen in the use of hanging pendant lights; a trend that has been growing in popularity throughout 2013.

Hanging Pendant Lights

Anemoi pendants from Jay Watson 

Part of their appeal is that they come in a seemingly endless amount of shapes, sizes and colours, so you should always be able to find one that speaks to you. You can either buy them in uniform sets like these anemoi pendants from Jay Watson or get a variety of different pendant hangings to bring a more eclectic feel to your kitchen. In this way they present the perfect means of showing a bit of your personality without breaking the bank.

You can even use whole pieces of furniture to introduce more light into your kitchen. Johnny Grey has demonstrated how far a little imagination can take you with this ingenious dresser he created using Corian® and a changeable LED backlight.

Johnny Grey dresser

You can even use whole pieces of furniture to introduce more light into your kitchen.

This feature brings endless amounts of style to any modern looking Corian kitchen, not to mention added amounts of lighting and brightness to its interior.

When considering ways of achieving a well lit kitchen it is important to consider as many options as possible, as there are so many more beneficial lighting additions that can be made than just your regular floor-standing lamp.


Gary Baker is MD of CD UK (Ltd.) the exclusive UK distributors of Corian solid surface. You can find out tips for using Corian in your home on their website

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Gary Baker
Gary Baker is MD of CD (UK) Ltd. the exclusive UK distributors of Corian solid surface. You can find out tips for using Corian in your home on Gary’s blog.

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