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I don’t know about you, but I love birthday cake (well actually any cake, but birthdays are the perfect excuse to go large and decadent). No birthday in our household goes by without an extravagant cake. It’s a family ritual I look forward to four times a year (five if granny comes to stay on her birthday)!

Over the years (I’m not revealing my age) we’ve gorged ourselves on many magnificent birthday cakes, from artistically designed bespoke cakes handcrafted by professional cake makers to home baked creations, all of which have tasted a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The less said about my cake icing skills, however, the better. I’m from the cake fraternity that says homemade cake only needs to taste good. How it turns out in the looks department is immaterial (which is why I always buy from a professional cake maker when it’s a special birthday).

So, whether you are about to order from your favourite cake professional or attempt a bake-off creation at home, take inspiration from these mouth-watering and eye-popping cake trends.

Source: Cakes by Robin

The bespoke unicorn masterpiece

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m seriously smitten by cakes. One of my hobbies (apart from eating cake) is researching the internet for the latest cake recipes, fabulous cake creations and trends.

I love cake recipe books too. I could pore over them for hours with a cup of tea and a slice of cake (it would be rude not to have cake). Even though I’ve seen a lot of cakes in my time, I’m still blown away by the talent of some of the amateur and professional cake makers from all over the globe.

My latest favourite has to be this ever so cute unicorn cake, with matching cupcakes to die for. Unicorn cakes have been on trend for a while now, but I can’t see this trend fading anytime soon. It’s the perfect birthday cake for anyone who believes in magical things.

Source: Olive Magazine

The tipsy treat

If you’re baking a birthday cake for an adult-only birthday party, it simply has to be alcohol infused. Boozy baking is indulgent, delicious and a real crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves alcohol and everyone loves birthday cake, so it’s a win-win. Check out the best ever boozy cakes and bakes recipes here. The tiramisu cake with chocolate is heavenly. With Tia Maria, mascarpone, amaretto and chocolate in the mix, the result, no matter how it looks, couldn’t be anything other than scrumptious.

Source: Live Love and Sugar

A berry happy birthday

Berry-loaded cakes are on trend and while summer was the perfect time for a fresh strawberry laden Victoria sandwich, winter is an equally perfect time to use up the hoards of berries you have stored in your freezer. Be aware that frozen berries are a different beast when baking with them, compared to fresh ones. Once defrosted (you need to do this before using them in a bake) some berries, particularly raspberries, can become mush.

There are things you can do to prevent frozen berries from disintegrating if you are stirring them into your cake mix. Defrost, drain well (save the juice to go in a smoothie), and then pat carefully with a piece of kitchen towel. Then, dust in flour before gently stirring into your cake mix. With raspberries, it’s best to gently push them into the cake mix. Raspberries are an awesome match for chocolate cake by the way. But you probably know that already.

For a respectable looking birthday cake try this recipe. Or for a decadent cakey dessert that works a treat for a birthday dinner party, this one is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

If you love berries and are looking for a real showstopping birthday cake, the indulgent cream tart birthday cake craze is definitely for you. Don’t attempt this one at home unless you are a dedicated and practiced baker. Most professional bakers will be able to make one for you. They look almost too good to eat.

Source: Cakes by Robin

Personalised cakes

There is nothing more touching than a surprise birthday cake with a special touch. Personalised birthday cakes have become a big trend and are a great way to show loved ones how much you care. Whatever your loved one’s passion, you can get a cake made to represent it. Whether it be a particular sport or team, a favourite animal, a film character, a favourite flower or a special place, a personalised birthday cake is a great way to show just how much you care.For the bizarre, odd and most decadent personalised birthday cakes made for celebrities, take a look here. I can’t vouch for taste, but these will definitely make your eyes pop!

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